Stray dogs maul child to death in Guntur

In an attack that lasted more than 30-minutes, dogs bit the child all over his body, leaving him bleeding in a semi-conscious condition.

A shocking incident has happened in Guntur, southern India where a small boy was left crying for help while lying in a pool of bllod after being mauled by 17 stray dogs.

Apparently, the four-year-old Praveen Kumar left his house in Guntur, with his sister to play with other children on Thursday when a pack of dogs attacked him.

In an attack that lasted more than 30-minutes, the dogs bit the child in the neck, face, chest, shoulders, legs and hands after which he was left bleeding in a semi-conscious condition.

According to the grieving parents, neighbours heard the attack and ran outm but were busy filming the incident on their phones instead of rescuing the child while he screamed and cried for help.

According to a English website, Achyuta Rao, President of the Child Rights Association who is now involved in the case, said that the stray dogs pounced on the child and bit him indiscriminately.

He further added that while many onlookers were capturing the merciless episode on their mobile phones, the were too scared to intervene.

The boy’s parents Yesu Kumar, 32, and Malleswari, 28, both daily labourers earning Rs 150 a day, rushed him to a nearby government hospital where he was declared dead.

The victims mother had lodged a complaint with the Guntur Municipal Corporation last week reporting the stray dogs for creating mess near her home.

However, she did not receive any response.

Achyuta Rao went on to add that they were now going to approach Human Rights commission to take action against the Guntur Municipal Corporation.

Additional Commissioner Ramchandra Reddy, of Guntur Municipal Corporation said that they were aware of the unfortunate incident. While they continuously sterilized more than 2,300 dogs in this area and they cannot kill them until they get an order from the Supreme Court.

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