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Grey goes glam!

Published : Oct 22, 2019, 12:54 am IST
Updated : Oct 22, 2019, 12:54 am IST

More and more people are now sporting grey hair, which has for long been associated with growing old.

Akshay Kumar sports a salt and pepper look in the movie Housefull 4
 Akshay Kumar sports a salt and pepper look in the movie Housefull 4

Gone are the days when people would gasp in horror at the sight of a grey hair spouting on their head. Today, many are unafraid to go natural and are embracing their greys with grace, even turning it into the latest style statement!

Hrithik RoshanHrithik Roshan

While colouring hair with chemical dyes has always been seen as the easiest alternative to ‘cover up’, the rise in the number of cancer cases worldwide points to hair dye as one of the factors causing the often fatal disease. The National Cancer Institute explains that over 5,000 chemicals are used in hair dyes. And while no single one may specifically lead to cancer, a number of them are thought to be carcinogenic in nature.

Colouring one’s hair is also a time consuming process. One has to patiently sit for hours at a salon waiting for the hair to turn into the right shade while exercising great care and caution after, especially since the hair can turn very dry and brittle from all the chemicals, blow drying, straightening etc. Not to forget, the constant upkeep of having to maintain the specific shade can burn a big hole in your pocket!

George ClooneyGeorge Clooney

But all that is set to change as there is now a burning desire to constantly amp up the style quotient, and people are no longer shy or timid to sport their natural greys.

Some of the best looking Hollywood hunks sport the grey haired look with a lot of panache. Age-defying George Clooney for instance, has owned his grey hair as a style statement since the early 2000s. The celebrated German designer, Karl Lagerfeld also had grey tresses for close to four decades, which he rocked with plenty of aplomb. His signature grey ponytail will never be forgotten and will go down in his memoirs along with his fantastic haute couture lineage. Among the Hollywood actresses, Dame Judi Dench carries her natural grey hair with a lot of grace and dignity while The Devil wears Prada actress Meryl Streep, who plays Miranda Priestly (a character who is popularly believed to have been inspired by Anna Wintour) sports a very glamorous grey haired look.

Closer to home, most of India’s population follows cues from celebrities, especially from Bollywood. Take the case of one of this year’s biggest blockbuster movies WAR, starring the energetic and supremely fit Tiger Shroff along with our very own version of Bradley Cooper (or better), Hrithik Roshan. For sure, Cooper is not as flexible or can’t dance like our homegrown stunner, Hrithik, a lean-mean machine who exploded onscreen with so much sex appeal that even after leaving the theatre, fans (particularly women) were reeling under those Greek God-like looks!

Here is a mega superstar who can easily make the cut to be the next James Bond. But what really stands out is how he makes aging look so good. At 45, he exhibits the lines on his face with so much ease that it adds to his already gorgeous looks. Given that he plays Tiger’s mentor in the film, Hrithik also chose to have a few highlights of grey hair as a part of his get-up for the role and to be noticed. Without a doubt, the actor’s new avatar was instantly loved by all of his fans. All the adulation apart, perhaps the bigger lesson here is that some things are best left untouched and natural. So feel free to embrace those greys!

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