Pune eatery manages to spark outrage on social media with 'pasta biryani

The dish served with oregano raita is priced at Rs 60 and social media didn't take it well.

Heated debates over the best biryani among people from different states and the outrage over suggesting a vegetarian variant clearly reflect how much people love it. The iconic dish that started its journey from Persia and came all the way to India through Mughal kitchens has swiftly travelled right into the hearts of Indians.

Biryani is sacred for people who love their preferred variants and are accommodating towards certain acceptable versions, which is why messing with biryani is nothing short of sacrilege. But some people never seem to learn and in a shocking act a Pune based eatery tried to come up with an Italian twist to the South Asian favourite with “pasta biryani”.

Pictures of the dish priced at Rs 60 are being shared all over social media as people just can’t deal with the much loved dish being ruined in this manner. The picture shows a thali where the mixture of rice and pasta is served with an ‘oregano raita’.

Previously eateries and people on the internet have managed to spark outrage with one Bangladeshi outlet suggesting pizza biryani as a prank and a Twitter user posting pictures of biryani paired with ketchup and mayonnaise.

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