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Stow away in style

Published : Mar 22, 2019, 6:47 am IST
Updated : Mar 22, 2019, 6:47 am IST

As homes shrink, storage spaces are becoming smaller too but innovative thinking can come to your rescue.

The step  ladder can be used to store towels and you can beautify it with potted plants.
 The step ladder can be used to store towels and you can beautify it with potted plants.

Storage is the key to good interiors and is the backbone of good design. Using the space available to your advantage and intelligently is a key element of making the most of what you have, and still ensuring that your storage needs are not compromised.

Make a Plan
With rising property prices and home decor trends increasingly moving towards utilitarian spaces, multifunctional furniture is quickly becoming a popular feature in modern interiors. “A simple way to save on space in the bedroom is to opt for a bed with built-in storage space. Wall hooks by the door are great for coats, umbrellas, and keys, especially if they are used every day. A great way of saving floor space is to use wall-mounted shelves and storage boxes. You can also decorate your storage boxes to personalise and sort them. A few themed stickers or ribbons can be used to indicate what is in the storage box. Sofa beds are also a great way to increase your space while also making room for visiting guests. A quirky substitute for a guest room, sofa beds are elegant, sophisticated and fit in perfectly with the look and feel of a comfy living room,” says Pradeep James, Director of Design, Urban Ladder. Using multipurpose furniture is also a good idea to save space while making room for storage. Nagabhushan
Hegde, head of design, Script, Godrej & Boyce avers, “Furniture pieces such as cabinets and wardrobes are multifunctional masterpieces that allow you store anything and everything you desire in a well-organised and aesthetically pleasing manner. Keeping storage in mind never compromises on any cabinet or wardrobe that also perfectly fits into your living space.”

Ideas and More
Using more wall-hung units increase floor space. Painted compact dressers flushed to the wall which opens into a mirror or shelves are a beautiful addition to the bedroom. Radeesh Shetty, founder and director, The Purple Turtles says, “Accent pieces with clever in-built storage not only add to the decor but also provide ample area to stack items which might add to visual clutter. For instance, stools/ ottomans or coffee tables with storage have a function and smaller living room items can be hidden away.” A kitchen in any house plays a significant role and is the most used common area. Storage is of utmost importance in this space. “Installing an appliance lift, that goes right into the cabinet helps in maintaining a clean kitchen top. While designing the utensil area, it is a good idea to store pans together in one section and include slide-out racks. Additionally, the sink area can be leveraged by installing a dish-drying cabinet directly above the sink,” explains Aiyappa Alemada, business head, Purva Streaks, a Puravankara Company. Rukmini Ray Kadam, founder and editor, Trumatter who lives in a 550 sq ft apartment has some practical tips. “Considering a storage cabinet? Have you thought about boxes? Versatile, they store well, and a wooden box can also double as a seating option and a stack of vintage boxes can very well be a conversation starter. From books and utilities to wire and clothes, you can store everything in boxes. From bathroom to your living room, a good ladder can store like a horse and it looks good too. Hang your towels (even if you don’t fold it properly), flank it with a few plants that minimise odour or stack books and throws with aromatic candles.”

Maximise Space
Storage is very important in bathrooms, and open storage in the form of ladder looks quirky. “The bathroom caddy can also be made interesting by adding a tall unit that can take care of the geyser and clothes. The caddy under the basin can take care of toiletries, napkins, towels and laundry baskets,” says Asumi Rawat, principal architect and creative founder, Asumi Rawat Desiign. In-built drawers in floating shelves can also add to storage. “Combine drawers into cantilevered shelves when it comes to making pronounced use of space, while having the spaciousness of a room. Their minimal and chic look is an interesting addition to the aesthetics too. Likewise, open shelves don’t look good in a headboard in small bedrooms. A bit of twist can make up for a very hidden storage unit in the headboard which would open from the front or top, taking every piece stored behind and reducing visual clutter,” says Shailja Awasthi, founder, Stories Design Studio. So learn to store smart and live clutter-free this year.

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