Wales woman found living with decomposing body of mum

Reclusive Gaynor Jones died up to 4 years ago but her body was recently found in 19th century stone cottage full of hoarded possessions.

Reclusive Valerie Jones is lucky to be alive after she was found collapsed under debris in Aberaeron, West Wales last week.

However what is shocking is that the 56-year-old was found along with the rotting body of her 87-year-old obsessive hoarder mum who had died four years back.

Reclusive Gaynor Jones died up to four years ago but her body has only just been found in the 19th century stone cottage which was full of hoarded possessions.

Police and firefighters were forced to wear face masks to protect themselves from the stench when they broke into the pensioner's property.

The personnel fought their way through a mountain of junk to discover that Valerie had collapsed under the debris. And it took teams another four days to find the remains of her widowed mum in another part of the cottage.

Neighbours believe her daughter had been sharing the house with her dead mother for 'many months or even years.'

Valerie was taken to hospital in a 'poorly condition' from the 'heavily cluttered' stone cottage in their family for generations

Neighbours said the mother and daughter were 'well known' but 'odd' and rarely left their old stone cottage.

Notably, Valerie had allegedly told a local shop keeper her mother was living in a care home for the elderly.

Their home is the first of three stone buildings known as the Dolheulog Cottages believed to have been built in the late 19th century.

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