Raise your vibration

While one can't control a lot of things, it is easy to control your energy and vibrations through simple steps.

Everything that exists is vibration. We all are made of energy. When our vibration increases we feel lighter, positive and happy but when it decreases we end up feeling low, depressed, fearful and insecure.

After all we all are human and on a daily basis we experience a variety of emotions. It is absolutely normal to feel sad, angry, low, joyous, happy and so on. But as we raise our vibration, these emotions flow through us easily than getting stuck within, as they generally tend to.

Raising your vibration isn’t about being constantly happy and in a la la land. It’s about attuning to the frequency of the universe. The way we talk to ourselves and others and ourselves determines our frequency.

Let’s start with ourselves first. Are we rude to the self, feeling guilty, judging ourself, and taking life too seriously? Are we thinking, “I am not good enough, I am fat, I can never do anything right, life sucks.”

What if every word we spoke appeared on our skin like a tattoo? How would we communicate then?

Honestly, every word has a vibration and it becomes your reality. The harder you are on yourself, the lower the vibration. The main tool to raise your vibration is to live joyously and find fun in the simplest things. This of course takes most of us back to our childhood where there was no fear of the future or bitterness of the past because we were always living in the present moment and mostly having fun.

You are mostly happy, energised, enthusiastic and optimistic.

You start attracting positive people and good things into your life.

When an unpleasant situation arises, there is a deeper knowledge that it is for your good and you are protected.

You are mostly moody, depressed, lethargic, angry, insecure and fearful.

Negative people mostly flock to you.

‘Why me’ attitude. You mostly play the blame game.

You constantly judge yourself and often use negative words like “I’m unlucky, life sucks, I don’t like my body etc.”

Gratitude — is the quickest way to raise your vibration. Be grateful for little things like perfect health, a great meal, family etc.

Love and appreciate the self. Love your flaws as much as you love your assets.

Stop surrounding yourself with negativity — negative people, news and gossip.

Non-judgment — realise that we all are on this path to learn and accept others with kindness. Let things flow, don’t be a control freak.

Use positive speech. Talk to yourself and others with kindness.

Stay away from social media. It is a trap. Most of the couples that look happy in the pictures are constantly fighting. The picture perfect selfies are photo shopped.

Spend more time with yourself, go inwards and give more time to your family.

Have fun. Laugh more. Live in the present.

Exercise is the mantra for a healthy mind and body.

Eat higher vibrational food such as fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds. Stay away from processed, canned, frozen food, meat and sodas.

Listen to music. Sound uplifts you and encourages a deeper connection with your highest self.

Living in high vibration doesn’t promise end of bad days but it definitely guarantees a better life, making you feel truly one in a million.

Ruhi is an aura reader and counsellor. You can contact her at

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