Shiny, happy homes with a touch of brilliance

It's always a good idea to strike a balance with a metallic spin for your interiors.

When it comes to the final touch of your décor, a pinch of gold, silver or bronze can be a brilliant idea. Adding glitter is the easiest way to make things shiny, sparkling and unique for a home.

Metallics are a very popular trend right now. From furniture to wall coverings and accessories – one can create high contrasting visual dimension and texture to a space or add a soft touch to a room with the help of these tints. Chanda Narang, CEO Frazer and Haws, says, “Bold metallic colours reflect light, which many a time open up space and turns a dull space into a more interesting and unexpected corner. One can always play with these shiny shades and to make it look more vibrant and exotic. Metallics work well with many colours, tints, tones, and shades. Gold and silver accents are a hot trend right now, and a right balance of the two shades can make your home look glamorous. Use gold or silver lamps in your bedroom to create a warm, elegant feel. Whereas for the living area one can use table accessories, crystal glasses, tea sets tableware etc to add a sparkling effect.”

Suruchi Khanna vouches for metallic trends this season and points out that shade of copper, silver, rose gold and everything in between are the chicest way to accentuate a modern and contemporary space. She says, “There are different ways of using metallic accents. You can add table runners to the dining tables with theme-based table mats for the same. Metal highlighters, sequence, and embellishments are quite trending too. One can also use metallic sequence or patches with bright colours, Swarovski work and beautiful digital printed home furnishing to light up the room. One can also experiment with metallic cushions in velvet or raw silk to add a special element of festivity.”

This autumn the décor scene is dominated by intense metallic hues such as gold and rose gold, says Natasha Jain, CEO of Bent Chair. She says, “We love the bold and the beautiful with quirky designs. Using the correct proportions of metallic colours can look very graceful. While using metallic accents, bold colours should be used as background elements. We suggest adding the metallic legs to a high glossy marble table to get a minimalistic yet luxurious look.

Using metallic in the upholstery is a big no for us, but at the same time adding it with metallic accessories such as cushions can be done. A balanced monochrome theme with a tint of the metallic bold colors does neutralize the accent colour scheme. Glitter effect in lights is something which can be adorned in the room as the reflection of light through these shades, which can turn out to be absolutely stunning.”

With the festive season upon us, glitter and sparkling metallic sheens will add a new dimension to our homes. Breaking the flatness of monotones and establishing individuality, many people are now adding the dazzle with golds and silvers in their spaces. Ayush Choudhary, Founder of Cocoon Fine Rugs, says, “Gold colour gives muted warmth to an area without trying too hard. It balances blacks and darker shades of blue, green or even red; whereas, silver adds a touch of sophistication especially when it is paired with white and grey. Whether on the wall as a piece of art or even on the floor, a metallic coloured carpet can add panache to a theme. However, one must always remember to use glitter to only enhance the surrounding but never to overpower.”

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