Oh Lord, what crimes are committed in thy name

Faith has prevailed over reasonableness. Women of all ages were allowed entry to the Sabarimala shrine of Lord Ayyappa by the Supreme Court.

Faith has prevailed over reasonableness. Women of all ages were allowed entry to the Sabarimala shrine of Lord Ayyappa by the Supreme Court. But devotees, tribals protecting the temple and religious activists have ensured that the centuries-old ban on menstruating women to the abode of the celibate god remains.

The issue has got extremely political. A Marxist government has been seen as too keen to carry out an order against a Hindu temple while fighting shy of action on other religious shrines which also reserve the right to allow entry. The BJP-RSS and the Congress have been driving home their advantage in the prevailing situation.

The south of India has been seen to rise against what it sees as an onslaught on Hindu identity and a faith that is a few millenniums old. A consolidation of the Hindu vote is being forecast on the political front. The government may have shot itself in the foot. But did it have a choice because it has to act in keeping with the constitution of India?

On the practical side, the police were unable to break the resistance and the few brave women who wore helmets and flak jackets had to beat a retreat in the face of the keeper of the temple threatening to stop the rituals and shut the shrine. The impasse will continue until the top court takes up the review petitions, including that of the Devaswom board.

The media were browbeaten for their coverage of the stirring events around the hill shrine. The liberals have their view, so too do the hardliners and the devotees. The losers are the women who do not have the unfettered right to pray.

Rajdeep Sardesai @sardesairajdeep
Shameless competitive religious politics being played by BJP and Cong over Sabarimala issue in attempt to tap so called ‘Hindu’ vote. Learn to respect SC order and start working to unite Keralaites as you did during the floods. Kerala needs a battle over jobs, not temple entry!

Subramanian Swamy@Swamy39
The problem with the Sabarimala agitation is that its leaders think that adult women cannot decide on their own intelligence & knowledge whether they can go for Darshan on those "5 days". About time we begin to accept that women are as capable as men in intellect.

If the State Govt is incapable of ensuring women devotees free access to the Temple then Centre must intervene with para military and military forces. Law & Order must be enforced

Thomas Isaac@drthomasisaac
BJP threatens bloodshed in Kerala if Supreme Courts verdict on women entry in Sabarimala temple is implemented. If they are so keen why do they simply get Central Gov to enact a new legislation? No, they won’t. They have a hidden agenda. They shall not pass

Nikhil K V @nikhilkv
If faith is against humanity it should be changed just like changing the planet status of Pluto. Scientists are doing it based on the facts they have. Menstruation is human. It is a proven fact. No one should be banned anywhere based on something purely human

Anju Joseph@codeDressed
Because you are fighting to go back to a regressive society where women had no rights and in the process undermining the efforts of previous generations who fought for us to give us the rights we have today, right to vote , abolishing sati, child marriages and the list goes on

Maya Menon @TTFMaya
As a Malayali & a Hindu I'm truly disappointed by the way some men & women of India's most literate state are going the loutish way & flouting the Supreme Court's judgement. I have so far never wished to visit Sabarimala - but I will not object to another woman's right to do so !

Anand Ranganathan @ARanganathan72
Distressing. Hope sense prevails and it doesn't come to this but I echo the underlying sentiment. The SC judgment is sacrosanct; it MUST be followed till such time it is overturned. This land CANNOT be run on anything other than the law of the land

Anshul Saxena@AskAnshul
Kerala HC dismisses Plea for Muslim women’s entry to Mosques & called it cheap publicity. Kerala HC also said Petitioner is not such a person who should be concerned with rituals & practices of Islam. Well, In Sabarimala case How many Petitioners were from Kerala? No one

sundaram ramaswamy @SundaramRama
How can you decide my right to fight for my belief? Armed with laws to protect dissent against it SC is superceding it's boundaries and judging beliefs and practices and ends up supporting mischief mongers in the media and politics. Who will show the mirror?

Look at the language of the patriarchal bigot... "Invasion" . He thinks Supreme Court is invading Temple!!! He will 'protect' something that is not his, its open to everyone. For him women devotees are atheists and he is a devout follower. The Lord is not you personal property

Kerala battled for right to eat beef too remember...then you were all for it and going ga #Kerala wants to fight for their right to pray as per prescribed rituals to Lord in #Sabarimala..learn to accept this too

Booby Prize
Actor-turned-politician Rajinikanth has supported the Supreme Court's decision that allows entry of women of all ages to the Sabarimala temple in Kerala, but cautioned against interference when it comes to religion and traditions. The actor spoke for the first time since the verdict and seems to be playing it safe. He also said that he is all for gender equality, but "traditions must be followed and respected".

The 67-year-old said that every temple has its time-honoured rituals and one shouldn't be disrespectful or interfering. "Women should have equal rights in all spheres; there is no doubt about it. People should obey the Supreme Court order, but sensitive and traditional matters should be handled with care," he said.

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