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Diaper woes for young dad!

Published : Jun 21, 2017, 4:12 pm IST
Updated : Jun 21, 2017, 4:12 pm IST

Antics of a less-than-excited father during nappy changing time caught on camera goes viral.

Young dad tries to change his child's diaper (Photo: Facebook)
 Young dad tries to change his child's diaper (Photo: Facebook)

The joys of parenthood are unparalleled. The moment one gets to spend with their newborn baby or toddler are memories to be cherished for a lifetime.

And then there is changing nappies.

Parents around the world can vouch to the fact that changing their child’s nappy requires one to be in possession of an iron gut, a few plastics as standby, the balance of a ballerina (you know, to swerve away in case of accidents) and of course, the loving doting partner laughing away to glory while filming the entire situation.

Luckily, for us, the antics of a less-than-excited father during nappy changing time were caught on camera.

The video starts with the father sitting on the floor with his child in between his legs. Everything seems fine until dear dad undoes the nappy.

From there, everything goes topsy-turvy as hilarity ensues as he gags and dry retches while hastily wiping the child’s bottom.

Meanwhile, the little toddler can be seen giggling at dad's reaction, thinking it's all just a fun game.

No doubt wanting the torture to be over, the man quickly and efficiently finishes cleaning up and moving the nappy away.

His dry retching and gagging seem to pause as he puts a clean, much nicer smelling nappy on his child.

Throughout the video a woman - presumably the man's partner - can be heard laughing from behind the camera.

And while the dad does not seem to be to happy about the ordeal, at least it makes for some hilarious viewing!

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