Shocking video of fingernails pulled out from boy's gums

The boy's mother wrote that she noticed something white in her son's gum and proceeded to pull that out.

Louisiana: Biting nails has been known to be a highly unhygienic habit among children which can also lead to health issues. But the consequences of this habit can range from minor illness to outright terrifying results.

A woman from Louisiana in US shared a Facebook post about her son who has the same habit, and mentioned how one day she noticed something white in his gums and proceeded to pull it out. In a shocking video with the post, the mother can be seen pulling 27 fingernails from her son’s gums by the time she was done.

She wrote that her son played with nails after biting them and pushed them in the pallet. This caused the nails to penetrate the skin and get lodged between the baby teeth and the permanent teeth.

The video has left everyone terrified about how serious the consequences of children biting nails could be.

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