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Metamorphosis from recession to reward

Published : Apr 21, 2019, 1:20 pm IST
Updated : Apr 21, 2019, 1:39 pm IST

A single decision can change the entire course of your life.

Kartik uses his teaching medium to create a societal impact and has been an important part of several social initiatives. (Photo: File)
 Kartik uses his teaching medium to create a societal impact and has been an important part of several social initiatives. (Photo: File)

New Delhi: Since time immemorial, the concept of transition has played a pivotal role in growth and foundation. However, transition can either lead to downfall or help one unravel the hidden possibilities. In times of crisis when people fail to see the positives, Kartik Bajoria – Writer, educator and moderator chose to channelise the negative into positive and embarked on a new journey that redefined his career.

The turning point in his life can be traced back to the Global Recession that hit in 2008. Kartik and his wife were retrenched from their jobs with no source of income

With his years of experience in the advertising, film and TV industry he had numerous contacts. However, when he reached out to them luck did not favour him and this continued for two months. It was then when he BOLD – a creative writing organisation came into being and it turned out to be a successful venture.

A start from the scratch

According to Kartik, this was a branding strategy that was conceptualised to start as a commercial venture with a fully functional website and he started exploring the various possibilities of his venture. He steered the wheel of fate in the positive direction but his struggle continued. Delayed payment from clients was a cause of major concern as it disrupted the smooth operation of his enterprise. It took another three months for proper cash flow.

When passion combines with zeal

Kartik combined his work experience with his love for teaching. He is passing down his love for teaching and communication with his students from the age group of 5-65 years. Alumni of the New York Film Academy, his passion for writing germinated during his graduation days at the Hindu College, New Delhi.

His repertoire comprises of teaching, ghost writing, moderating literary events and hosting events. Through his journey he inspires people to embrace their passion in the field of communication and language and inculcate in them the expertise to express their ideas better.

When you inspire others

Through his distinct persona he brings out the best in a person and change the way in which they communicate and perceive their ideas on paper or any platform. He organises various programs, both as a lecturer and independently where his key focus areas are writing, communication and identity enhancement.

He is most sought after for his expertise in moderating and hosting erudite events ranging from book reading to panel discussions and also, workshops like World Book Fair (New Delhi), The Writer Circle (Jaipur) and many others. His people skills enable him to exemplify his lessons so that his students can apply these learning in the real world and gain recognition beyond the conventional parameters.

This experience has taught him the knack to not only impart intellectual knowledge, but also help his students feel comfortable in their skin, not just while speaking in public, but in life. This love for teaching led him to be accepted as a guide, a mentor and most of all, a friend, beloved by his students.

Upgraded teaching mediums

Kartik uses his teaching medium to create a societal impact and has been an important part of several social initiatives. He has been involved with the youth through workshops to create awareness for causes like organ donation, road safety, visually impaired and several others.

In one of his projects to help the visually impaired, Kartik helped a team of students from schools and trained them in voice modulation to create audio books that would be more fun and an engaging way for the needy counterparts.

He is always seeking new opportunities to reach out to not only students but a wider audience to propagate the art of communication and writing. He holds classes across institutions, schools and colleges; he has recently forayed into the online teaching segment and conducts classes over Skype and phone calls.

Kartik firmly believes that communication is the key to success in every aspect of life, whether personal or professional. It is therefore; vitally important to work on the communication skills at it shapes our beliefs, behavior and consequently our actions.

Kartik sets a perfect example for people to follow their passion and never be afraid to start from the scratch. The journey might be gruelling at the start but hard work and perseverance will always be rewarded.

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