When to throw out your beauty stuff?

One must discard products that do not smell good.

Even the best of beauty products come with a shelf-life. While most come with a use by date on the package, it’s easy to ignore it if the product is in a good condition or if the date is erased during use. Chances are, the yummy smelling goods haven’t gone bad but their potency would have certainly reduced. Even worse, it could damage your skin if the product has already expired. Industry experts recommend to always clean the spills and fasten the cap of the container after every use. One must discard products that do not smell good.

Ideally, makeup sponges and mascara must be shunned after six months; foundation, face cream, body care cream, sunscreen, toothpaste, and bath oil last up to a year. Concealers and lip gloss go up to 18 months and deodorant, perfume, nail polish, blush, lipstick, lip pencil, body lotion, shower gel and bath foam can stay for up to two years.

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