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A Winter’s home fires

Published : Nov 20, 2017, 12:12 am IST
Updated : Nov 20, 2017, 12:12 am IST

It is a time of cheer when kinsfolk and kindred gather for elaborate festive meals and rejoice in the warmth of home and hearth.

There is a delicious nip in the air, and it’s the merry season to bring the winter decor out. Decode the right look with these tips.
 There is a delicious nip in the air, and it’s the merry season to bring the winter decor out. Decode the right look with these tips.

Winter is a pause in time when the hard work of the whole year is put to rest and celebrations welcoming the charm of nippy weather begin in full earnest. People all over the world observe customs, rituals and ceremonies pertaining to this cold season. Whether it’s Yule, Christmas, Diwali, or just New Year merriment, streets and corners are amply suffused with ornaments and glittery decoration, green and red being symbolic colours of the season. It is a time of cheer when kinsfolk and kindred gather for elaborate festive meals and rejoice in the warmth of home and hearth. In the city, we might not feel the lightness of snowflakes, but we can usher in new décor to add to the conviviality. Here are some ideas on how you can invite winter magic into your abode for some holiday excitement.


1. Go Eco
Considering new upholstery or repainting your kitchen cabinets? Dark green is in. According to Pantone, the 2017 Colour of The Year was called Greenery and it represents fresh new beginnings symbolic of rejuvenation, revitalisation and reassurance that are much-needed in the complex socio-political scenarios of today. Green is always welcome and doesn’t Mother Nature support every new bud with green too? No wonder Mercedes Benz is offering their 2017 AMG GTR sports car in green as well! Deep green was around in the 80s and 90s, and it’s not so much a trepidation bearing change for Indian home interiors. Go Green has become a motto for many a personal, ecological and social endeavours as well. It may be a good idea to add a verdant hue to your surroundings by acquiring some occasional furniture like display units and shoe cabinets, if going whole hog is a bit too much for your taste.

2. Pattern Plays
Geometric tiles are making news this fall/winter. Mosaic tile styling is taking over plain tiled surfaces. Mosaic is an artistic compilation of inlaid coloured stone or glass for decorative purposes. Pebble mosaics were first seen in Mycenean Greece and mosaics with patterns and pictures appeared in classical times as well, both in ancient Greece and ancient Rome. They are a popular art form adorning places of worship too. This intricate design form is no longer restricted to small surface areas but is creating a dramatic impact by accentuating parts of home interiors — be it chests of drawers, end tables, coffee tables, wall shelves and accents. You could also bring home a mosaic wall hanging if permanent is not on your mind. Kitchen and bathroom walls and staircases are some of the larger areas where mosaic can be incorporated.


3. Metals from the Past
Heritage has been another buzzword in interior trends for 2017. Combining heritage simplicity with luxurious lustre is a direction towards minimalism. Rugs and throws like frieze, which have a worn-out look, are popular nowadays with hints of embellishment using metallic fibre, shiny beads or even crystals woven into the fabric. These metallic glints can carry brass and bronze tones for historical glamour. The layered trend, combining two or three rugs thrown adjacent or on top of each other as pattern mixing is also trending. One idea for winter décor would be to grab a wool stone rug (that looks like a pebbled path) and pattern mix it with a wavy weave (like a river) and place it in your doorway to astonish guests. Other combinations could be bold stripes with multi-coloured kilim.

4. Heirloom tablescapes
Your house is ready for guests but a little focus on laying the table can delight them even more. Heirloom is another trend that can emphasise the winter look and feel. Bring out the antique brassware and copper cutlery from long lost vestiges of legacy treasures, and polish them for serving lunches and dinners on upcoming winter occasions. Mix and match porcelain, china and wicker mats to present a complete vintage tablescape for your guests.

Fall/Winter 2017 is about sylvan charm, traditional material and urban design that add a bold flavour to the winter experience. Usher in the season with a newness of spirit and décor.

5. Wild Urbanism
This new trend is a hot favourite with architects and interior designers. According to Victoria Redshaw, a futurist in consumer and design forecasting, this style sets out to break the monotony of regular architecture by infusing bold floral patterns or mixing different surfaces in room décor. Wild urbanism is a concept of creating micro-climate areas simulating natural landscapes like forests and wetlands. This trend is yet another step towards a growing ecological adaptation and memorialises human gratitude towards nature. Cobble together multi-toned hardwood, distressed wide plank flooring or furniture with bright, deep forest and floral prints for upholstery, curtain or room furnishings, and you will have your own wild urbanism. For an added touch, add paper flowers to glassware and place dried wreaths on walls or doors to welcome the winter feeling.


6. Stylised Comfort
If you are planning on buying a new sofa, then velvet is the fabric this winter. The word around trend hubs is traditional plus textured and that spells vintage furniture with saturated colour fabrics placed against organic and rustic backgrounds. Large, comfortable shapes of Baroque-style pieces in velvet or real/faux leather, with modern and geometric cushions to match will convey an unusual story. Play out your own theme with horns and feather accessories, large indoor plants/trees and decorative flora and fauna paintings perched on a cerused wood panel or brick-textured wall of the living room for a mysterious visual conversation.

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