Boy is born with parasitic penis on back

It turns out it is a part of his undeveloped twin, penis is surgically removed.

In a shocking case, a baby boy was born with an extra penis on his back. He had to had the organ removed.

According to his doctors the additional penis is believed to be all that was left of a parasitic twin who failed to develop.

The unnamed baby is already home and is as healthy as any other newborn.

The doctors and the child’s parents were unaware of the growth until he was born.

A doctor treating the child said,

His parents and doctors were unaware he had the growth until he was born.

The penis on the back is a parasite.

The operation was carried out at the Scientific Research Institute of Pediatrics in Baku, Azerbaijani.

Head of the institute's neonatology department Gunduz Agayev said: 'The baby has a normal sexual organ where it is supposed to be.

Speaking of the undeveloped parasitic twin, Agayev added: 'Practically all there was left from him was a penis that got attached to the brother's back inside the womb.'

The newborn's back was not badly affected by the surgery, although he will be left with a small scar. He is now recovering well at home.

The baby’s name and where he lives was not revealed to protect his privacy as he grows up.

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