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Sports doctor

Published : Sep 18, 2017, 2:27 am IST
Updated : Sep 18, 2017, 5:08 am IST

Dr Venkatesh Movva excels in sports medicine, founding Indian Gridiron League to expand American football in India.

Dr Venkatesh Movva
 Dr Venkatesh Movva

Dr Venkatesh Movva excels in sports medicine, founding Indian Gridiron League to expand American football in India, devoting time to nurture young talents and offering relief through regenerative orthopaedics

Dr Venkatesh Movva of Movva Sports has been a dreamer besides excelling in sports medicine, founding Indian Gridiron League to expand the American football in India, devoting time to nurture young talents and offering relief to people across the globe through regenerative orthopaedics. 

A native of Vijaywada, Dr Movva had left for the US after his medical graduation in India. Both sports and medicine have been his lifelong passions. “I chased my dream with immense dedication,” says Dr Movva, an athlete and medical practitioner. He specialised in sports medicine and regenerative medicine in the US. 

He was instrumental in launching a professional American-style football league in India. The goal has been to provide fast-paced, action-packed entertaining sport to the city of Hyderabad. 

“We are creating opportunities for local youth to excel in the sport and enjoy benefits of being professional athletes,” says Dr Movva, who had served as president of Elite Football League of India and handled operations in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. 

He was fortunate to have a strong and supportive family that let him create an identity outside of the family business. He broke away from the family norm to pursue medical education. “The love for sports and well being led me to becoming a sports medicine and regenerative orthopaedics expert,” he says. 

He founded Regenorthosport for Regenerative and Sports Medicine, pioneering regenerative stem cell therapies. 

“As part of a group I was involved in interventional orthopaedics with usage of autologous stem cells for treating commonly occuring sports and degenerative conditions. We brought the same high quality medical centres to India,” says Dr Movva, who has been living in the US for 25 years. He has performed more than 2,000 Regenexx procedures. 

The consistent challenge for him in early stages as an entrepreneur was to convince the team to believe in his dream. “Both my ventures had teething troubles as they were new and required tremendous amount of validation, not just from the team, but from people who would eventually experience our services. Once you are able to overcome these challenges, it is a smooth ride,” says Dr Movva.  

“I had full confidence that the Indian public would embrace the medical technology we introduced,” says Dr Movva, whose customers range from young athletes to older adults. 

The centre he launched in Hyderabad is the country’s only specialised medical centre providing Regenexx procedure. His business venture offers regenerative therapy for commonly occuring degenerative orthopaedic conditions for people around the world. 

When you look at knee osteoarthritis, the only option used to be total knee replacement. “With regenerative stem cell technology we can now heal and regenerate cartilage, meniscus and ligaments to reverse arthritis and in turn, avoid any major surgery,” he says. 

His first client was his mother. So, what’s been his mantra for success? “I continue to strengthen core areas I believe I have the ability to do better. My thrust has been service of the highest quality and standard, both as entrepreneur and medical practitioner. Some of the finest lessons I have picked up- family values, management system and the spirit of entrepreneurship”, says Dr Movva.

His strongest source of inspiration is his family – wife and lovely children. “It is their unrelenting support that led me to pursue my entrepreneurial vision and challenges - right from the seed stage to startup and maturity. My ventures are self funded.”

In 2011 Elite Football League of India concluded an agreement with Movva Sports to purchase the Hyderabad Skykings, which played its inaugural season in December 2011. Venkatesh Movva of Movva Sports was an early investor in the league and also owned "Hyderabad Skykings".   

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