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Simplify your life

Published : Nov 17, 2016, 12:03 am IST
Updated : Nov 17, 2016, 12:04 am IST

Living a simpler life in, what can be, a complex world takes some effort.

Look for the positive in every situation. Keep a diary of difficult ones and review a few days later.
 Look for the positive in every situation. Keep a diary of difficult ones and review a few days later.

Whether it is a piece of writing or life itself keeping it simple is the mantra to success. Life is a mosaic with its share of challenges, surprises, shocks, setbacks, failures and bright moments — every single one of which adds meaning and value. If someone had told us right at the start that this is what life is all about, we might not have even dared to live. We would have been seized by fear, assailed by doubts and complicated matters by bringing into each event or happening a lot of needless baggage, worry, and negativity. If only we kept it simple and free of the aforesaid, life would be far more enriching and enjoyable.  

To keep things simple take each moment as it comes and savour it fully. Don’t hark back to the past or fast forward to the future. Stay in the now. Remain acutely conscious and even if it is not to your liking accept it without resistance.


Life is a rat race, yes, but there is absolutely no need for one to draw unfavourable comparisons with others (lasting happiness is not to be found in looks, gadgets, gizmos and net worth).  Instead, we can harness our unique DNA, leverage our strengths and forge a distinct identity for ourselves. Simple living, high thinking and eschewing of greed are virtues worth cultivating in a world given to excesses, wasteful consumption, and superficiality and saves precious natural resources.  

 As for challenges they are a given and necessary to for us to evolve and grow. Whether it is about dealing with difficult people or trying circumstances, facing such situations squarely with dignity is the way to go. More often than not you can’t change other people. You have to change the way you look at things or your attitude. When faced with a problem embrace it as it could be the moment that could change your life as it flows into the next and the next.


There are some things beyond your control. When planning an event can you control the weather? You can only pray and have a plan B in place.

In the grand game of life, you, me and everyone else  win some and  lose some but  what matters in the  final analysis is the loss, the lessons learnt, how you conducted yourself or what came out of it?

Here are some tips to keep life simple:
Look for the positive in every situation. Keep a diary of difficult ones and review a few days later. It won’t look so bad.
Take time to introspect and reflect every day — the patterns and answers will emerge.
Commune with God, practice yoga, Reiki and energy work. Your intuitive abilities will be honed.
Do all you have to do before you take a decision.  Eventually, you will be led to it.
Cultivate patience. Good things take time (may look like forever) but never lose hope. Delays are not denials. The Supreme’s timing is perfect
Always remember that you have been created to fulfil a purpose. Anything that comes your way is meant to take you closer to that goal.


The writer is a Reiki channel, yoga practitioner, and a spiritual seeker.

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