Sevgi Eren talks about how she became a top jewellery and lifestyle influencer

Blogging has become the most popular profession in today's time, thanks to the rapid growth of social media.

Blogging has become the most popular profession in today’s time, thanks to the rapid growth of social media. While it has given birth to many influencers in several categories, Sevgi Eren is one such name who is a popular lifestyle and jewellery influencer. Before becoming a blogger, she took many training sessions of jewellery and its production. She began her career as an assistant store manager in several companies and became an expert after getting trained from ‘HRD Antwerp TR’. Besides this, Sevgi has even worked as an instructor at many diamond companies.

Her hard work saw her work with the renowned designer Erol Albayrak with whom she has hosted several events in Nisantasi and Dubai. Moreover, Sevgi has expanded her work portfolio over the years by managing PR and social media for Atasay Jewellery – one of the leading names in the field of jewellery. Apart from this, the lifestyle influencer has been associated with many food and beverage brands in Dubai like Mezza house, Sofraji Catering, Huqqa and The Galliard Restaurant.

Eren’s other experiences include jewellery styling as well as continuing her consultancy service on the digital medium with her popular slogan “Consult us before taking your diamonds.” With making her name as a top jewellery influencer in Turkey, Sevgi has become a household name in the business. She added a feather in her cap when she won the Best International Businesswoman of The Year Award at the Turkey Azerbaijan Fellowship Awards night. The blogger further thanked her family and close friends for constantly supporting her. Today Sevgi Eren is a perfect example who has been inspiring many people with her work in Turkey.

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