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Soaking in the greenery

Published : Jun 17, 2018, 12:19 am IST
Updated : Jun 17, 2018, 12:19 am IST

Nature enthusiasts look forward to the rainy season as it refreshes their gardens and helps them witness the nourishment of their plants.

It’s a season that not only brings relief from the scorching heat but also evokes pure happiness in people.
 It’s a season that not only brings relief from the scorching heat but also evokes pure happiness in people.

Monsoon is perhaps the most romanticised of seasons. For centuries now, people have expressed multi-hued emotions about the rain. It’s a season that not only brings relief from the scorching heat but also evokes pure happiness in people. This season is the muse of poets, who pick up their pens as the first drops fall. The beauty of monsoon is that it means something to every person. For some, this season is all about enjoying the lovely weather and indulging in piping hot pakoras, samosas and hot chocolate.

For others, this is the season that allows them to take a romantic walk in the rain under their umbrellas. It’s also a time when the rain-drenched greenery of the city stands out. In fact, there are a few people who actually wait for the monsoon to bring more greenery to their homes.

Sweet fragrance
I  enjoy this weather the most as it carries the sweet fragrance of jasmine, fruit trees and vegetables grown on my terrace. It’s like having a bit of paradise in my vicinity.

I am a true nature lover and I express my love to nature by planting more trees and not polluting the environment. Monsoon is the best time to plant trees. I hope to plant a couple of more fruit trees on my terrace.
— Kalpana Ramesh, water conservationist

A fresh start
I enjoy the weather with a cup of coffee and the newspaper in my garden and the lawns. I ensure the water used to wash vegetables, rice and pulses from the kitchen is directed to my garden. It’s a delight to start the morning with the sight of blooming flowers everywhere and the unlimited chirping of the birds.
— Smitha Sashidharan, programming head at a radio station

Time for aeration
I am a flower enthusiast. I preserve flowers to enjoy their beauty. I maintain a garden to prevent damage in the hot summer.

I feel it’s important to prune plants during this season. It ensures the desired sunlight reaches all parts of the plant as well as provides aeration.

In this season, I also replace the top soil with fresh soil blended with organic nutrients. Good and timely rain ensures a good soil ecosystem. I really wish and hope for a healthy environment for floriculture.
— Mahalakshmi Reddy, founder at Lyo Florals

Sight for sore eyes
I am trying to fill the space in my balcony with more plants. The rain has been a little harsh on my plants. Some of them were destroyed in the heavy winds. Now, I am going to make sure that I buy plants that are a little bigger and stronger. I just love the aloe vera plant. I also own a few pots of them. I will soon be planting different varieties. The best part about this season is my plants look beautiful, bejewelled with dew drops.
— Farheen Jamal, a student

Clean and green
The monsoon is my favourite season. It just lifts my spirits. I feel like spending time outdoors, taking a walk in my garden and exploring parks all the time. It just looks like the entire city is painted afresh and the dirt is completely washed out for a while. The beautiful smell of wet mud is very pleasing. I am going add a few more plants to my lawn. I will redecorate it as well. I also like to arrange barbeques here during this season.”
— Jasmine Pillai, executive director at Radisson Blu Plaza

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