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  Life   More Features  17 Jan 2018

Life, More features, 17 Jan 2018

Malaysian sultan gets replica of car from 'Flintstones' for his birthday

It will take pride of place in a house he built in the coastal town of Mersing inspired by the Flintstone's home from the 1960s cartoon.

17 Jan 2018 8:17 PM

Man in US sent to jail for biting a chunk of his wife's nose

Clay bit his wife in their Bloomfield home in August 2015. The couple has since divorced and the wife says she wants nothing to do with him.

17 Jan 2018 8:00 PM

Dive-bomb gone wrong leaves man with neck injury as teenager lands on him

The painful accident was caught on camera as Mr Hyde suffered a neck injury due to the crash.

17 Jan 2018 7:29 PM

Women use their mind more during sexual arousal as compared to men

Researchers learnt that genital arousal was more strongly linked with brain activity among women than men.

17 Jan 2018 5:03 PM

Brains of jazz and classical pianists work differently

This shows how precisely the brain adapts to the demands of our surrounding environment.

17 Jan 2018 4:47 PM


Man who tried to stop sneeze by holding his nose blasted hole through back of throat

According to experts, the explosive internal forces caused by holding his nose while sneezing could have killed the man.

17 Jan 2018 1:16 PM

Mystery behind two 4,000-year-old Egyptian mummies solved

Since their discovery in 1907 there has been some debate among Egyptologists whether the two were actually related at all.

17 Jan 2018 12:49 PM

Red rash on backsides turn out to be worms burrowing into skin in holidaying couple

Married couple on Caribbean island of Martinique notice "burning" red rash spread over their behinds.

17 Jan 2018 12:26 PM

I am a queen on this throne: Virali Modi

Disability activist Virali Modi was in Kochi recently as part of her #mytraintoo campaign.

17 Jan 2018 12:16 AM