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Zookeeper gets his head bitten by croc!

Published : Jun 16, 2017, 7:11 pm IST
Updated : Jun 16, 2017, 7:11 pm IST

A horrible stunt gone wrong sees Thai zookeeper getting his head bitten by an irate crocodile

Footage shows crocodile biting zookeeper’s head (Photo: Youtube)
 Footage shows crocodile biting zookeeper’s head (Photo: Youtube)

A lot of strange and unexplained things happen around the world. Not this one. A horrific footage has surfaced online where a crocodile is shown biting a zookeeper’s head before viciously thrashing him from side to side while he screams in agony. 

The video, which was filmed a few days back showed a man performing at one of Thailand’s famed croc shows for small groups of people on the tourist island of Ko Samui. The zookeeper, as the video shows, kneels before a crocodile which is lying with its jaws wide open.


The crocodile remains perfectly still while the man performs the routine trick and suddenly decides to up the stakes by putting his head inside the croc’s head. 

He holds his position for ten seconds before the crocodile suddenly snaps down on his head and violently thrashes him around.

The man lets out a horrifying scream as the audience watches in shock.

Apparently, the man showed the crowd previous wounds, including a missing finger, before he began the stunt.

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