Video of granny drinking shots in Mexico goes viral

After the granddaughter posted the photo, one of the girls who partied with her grandmother replied with the video of her drinking

Young people have really different party habits and their frequent parties often make them boast about their happening life but it certainly can't match up to the older generation. A grandmother recently showed her granddaughter and the people that she was still young and could party like them when she posted a video of herself drinking shots with girls she met on a trip to Mexico.

According to a report in the Metro, Doreen Grett, a grandmother was busy partying in Mexico when she posted a video of herself downing shots with a group of random girls she had just met. While her tweet wasn’t seen by many, when her granddaughter Payton Grett posted it on her twitter, she became quite a sensation among people from all over the world.

However the caption of the granddaughter is funnier as she says, “My grandma is in Mexico taking shots with random girls on the beach and posting pics of it with captions like they're bff's.” The post has got over 20,000 retweets and 90,000 likes too while many youngsters commented saying these are their old age goals.

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