Lifted away!

For people who want to sport a more natural age appropriate look, this new face-lift is the hottest treatment around.

A telling sign of ageing is loss of skin tightness, eyelid drooping, frowns getting deeper, down turning of lips and loss of a jaw-line. With so much droop or sag, everything seems to be falling, and surgery is not the only option today for long lasting results.

Almost every popular face today, from Cameron Diaz to Gwyneth Paltrow and Kylie Minogue, celebrities are opting for a more natural looking, age appropriate look. Instead of going under the knife to reduce sagging and droopiness, women past their 40s are going for a little lift, a tightening of sorts. The most popular among these face lifts is the Intragen-lift Treatment.

An hour to perform, results last up to two years, this is the hot lift in town. As a non-invasive, non-surgical facelift, this treatment uses heat produced from radio frequency waves to heat the skin to 40 to 43 degrees and sustain the heating which in turn stimulates collagen production. A lifted appearance can be seen immediately following the treatment; however, the results will improve in the following days and weeks as the Intragen stimulates neocollagenesis, which in turn produces collagen. The overall texture of the skin is improved; it becomes thicker, tighter and firmer and open pores, fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed away.

The best results are seen in three months and the result improves for up to six months. Since it’s performed in under an hour with minimal downtime, this has become a favourite with people favouring non-surgical and non-injectable procedures as this lift is created using your body’s own collagen. This lift is extremely versatile and can be used all around the face and neck, typically for wrinkles on the forehead, sagging brows, drooping cheeks, sagging jaw line and neck and folds. It’s also used on the arms, knees and sagging tummy.

Prevention is best and the upside is that when the treatment is performed early, it can prevent sagging and maintain your skin tightness for longer, keeping you looking youthful by naturally stimulating your skin. For a more defined and sculpted facial shape and an improved skin tone, this is the ultimate go-to!

The writer is a celebrity cosmetic dermatologist.

(Disclaimer: Always check with an expert before going ahead with such treatment.)

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