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Food waste = Flawless beauty

Published : May 15, 2019, 12:19 am IST
Updated : May 15, 2019, 12:19 am IST

Some of us never get the avocado right. It’s either too raw or too ripe by the time we attend to it.

Picture used for representational purposes only
 Picture used for representational purposes only

If we can achieve glowing soft skin and luscious hair while being environmentally conscious, we are onto a good thing.  Considering the amount of food we waste, it only makes sense we find creative uses of it. Food waste takes place at all levels of supply chain. A lot of produce don’t reach grocery stores as they don’t meet up to  superficial standard. While we don’t have any control over that, we can surely control our own kitchen waste.

Ways in which you can use kitchen waste in you beauty regime:

Arina Suchde, a sustainable chef says,  “Growing up I saw my mom dry the orange peels, powder it and use it as a pack. We also rub used lemon peels on elbows, knees and other dark areas. Coffee grounds as the last rinse when washing hair. This stretches your colour cycle.”

Some of us never get the avocado right. It’s either too raw or too ripe by the time we attend to it. It makes a nourishing hair pack though. A new wave of environmental projects are turning food waste into fresh new beauty products.  While internationally, they are researching on using starch from rice waste as it controls sebum and extracting protein and oils from waste salmon to put into beauty products. Founder and CEO of a zero waste lifestyle enterprise, Sahar Mansoor’s solution for stretch marks, cellulite and sun protection is the coffee grounds.

If you can’t bake with over-ripe bananas, blitz them up and make yummy face packs. You can experiment packs with yogurt, honey, cinnamon etc. Send your tea bag to the fridge instead of the bin, rub it on your skin or place it on your eyes to freshen it up.

Coffee grounds are not only naturally exfoliating, but also have anti-inflammatory property. Massaging it improves blood circulation and makes it a great cellulite blaster. Make an exfoliator with a carrier oil of your choice for added moisture. Make a paste of honey-milk-turmeric for glowing skin.

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