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Frolic around in tie and dye

Published : Jan 15, 2019, 12:07 am IST
Updated : Jan 15, 2019, 12:07 am IST

This classic trend from the ’60s has never quite gone out of style and is now back in vogue once again.

This tri-colour tie and dye dress is perfect for boho chic look.
 This tri-colour tie and dye dress is perfect for boho chic look.

The ’60s gave us some earth shattering trends — bell bottom pants, mini skirts with coloured tights, shapeless shifts, high neck buttoned up blouses, pantsuits and more importantly Tie and Dye. This technique of making patterns was made popular by the hippie ’60s. But with fashion, one can never be too sure what to expect. This very 60s look is back in vogue this season and a lot of our celebrities have been sporting them.

Some may like it and some may not, but tie dye clothing is definitely here to stay. Stylist Zohara Jamal opines, “Some may not like this trend, but I think its beautiful because it takes us back to the 60s. This is something that has been around for centuries. Shibori from Japan and Bandhani from Gujarat are really great. A lot of sustainable fashion brands are using  natural dyes to colour their garments.”   

Giving a little more background on this techniques, Designer Prerana Sarkar adds, “ From many years, it has been considered to be good fortune, therefore brides have traditionally worn the “Bandhani” saree in Rajasthan. New York designers are using the hippie print for Spring  Summer 2019, proving that the spinning, psychedelic colours are making a comeback.Tie and Dye might just replace the monochromatic palette to brighter and more colourful palette.” This trend, can be included in any part of your outfit be it you a dress, blouse, pants to even a scarf. “You can go for something simple and classy, maybe a dress or a jumpsuit with classy heels and simple earrings. For a traditional desi occasion, a tie-dyed kurta with an extra flared pallazo with traditional earrings and heels would make you stand out.”

The ’60s, was all about loose silhouettes and unstructured dresses. Zohara adds, “You can pair a A symmetrical dress with a belt that sinches at the waist. I find that flats and wedges pair well with this trend as compared to heels and strappy sandals. Appropriate accessories is just what you need to make you look boho chic.”

Prerana cautions that with Western outfits one must keep the jewellery to a minimum and with Indian, you’re free to choose. She add, “A simple pendent and pair of studs is perfect. But with Indian, choose jewellery as per the dress you wear.”

Shriya opines that this trend encourages you to get creative. She adds,  “Choose colours according to your skin tone. but avoid a lot of colours in one outfit.”  

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