Here's what your toes say about your personality

Foot readers claim that they're able to get a glimpse of a person's character simply by taking a look at their foot.

Throughout history, ‘chiromancy’- the art of palmistry, has been practiced across the world. While many people have witnessed clairvoyants forseeing the future through the crevice of a person’s palm, most are unaware that their feet is just as revealing. “Solestry”, known as “foot reading”, is a form of divination that can depict an individual’s personality. Foot readers claim that they’re able to get a glimpse of a person’s character simply by taking a look at the size of a person’s big toe or height of their arch. Foot reader Ann Scardarella claims that your feet could divulge the goings on of your love life. “If there is an issue in your life that you are struggling with, it will manifest itself in your feet,” she told Cosmopolitan.

If you’d like to find out more, here’s how your feet could be telling the inner workings of your mind.

If you have large big toes, it could be sign of creativity. On top of that, it could also indicate that you’re a sharp thinker, while having smaller toes is seemingly a sign of being a good multi-tasker. Who would have guessed this!

When finding a leader, take a look at their feet. Individuals with longer second toes are likely to be great leaders and the right course of action. However, it could also suggest great tendency to be impulsive, a trait which may not be ideal for anyone in a powerful position of leadership.

The ability to wiggle your little toe by itself, demonstrates a proclivity for adventure. However, those who can’t are more likely to be loyal and committed life partners, so everyone’s a winner.

The arch of your foot also determines your personality traits. While a low arch could lead to various foot or ankle issues, it’s also a sign of sociability.

On the other hand, people with high arches prefer to live independently and stay alone.

Toes that have unusually long “necks”, have more expressive personalities. So, if you meet someone who’s especially extroverted or frequently expresses their feelings with enthusiasm, take a look at their feet and chances are it will cohere with your visualization.

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