DNA evidence reveals husband as offender in rape of woman on a drunken night out

The man was convicted of rape and is now serving a seven year jail term.

Cases of crimes against women seem to be rising at an alarming rate despite several efforts by authorities and initiatives urging women to fight back. While women face risk of sexual assault at work among other places, in many cases people related to women and children have been found to be responsible.

In an appalling case of sexual assault from England, a woman told her husband that she was raped during a drunken night out. But DNA evidence later revealed that it was actually her husband who had raped her while she was in an inebriated state.

The woman’s 35-year-old husband received a call to take his wife who was found slumped on a park bench. When they reached home, the man raped his wife while their children were asleep and she was drunk.

When the woman regained her senses, she told her husband that she may have been raped although she couldn’t remember how it happened. After DNA evidence showed the husband was the perpetrator, he was convicted and is now serving a seven year jail sentence.

The woman expressed shock at finding out that her husband had raped her in a statement to the court and mentioned that she felt betrayed by the one person she trusted the most.

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