Dove features transgender in empowering new advertisement

The advertisement has single as well as other mothers talking about the experience of raising a child

Many brands are taking up social causes to create awareness regarding important subjects and they are creating quite a buzz. Recently, Dove in the US made an advertisement about inspiring stories from women and featured a transgender mum that has made the LGBT community quite happy.

According to a report in the Metro, the video is a series of experiences told by mothers from different walks of life and how they are dealing with motherhood. While some of them have their partners the rest of them are single mothers and then comes Shea, a transgender mother who proudly says that she and her partner are both mum's to their child.

The video has now gone viral and is receiving a lot of support from people all over including the LGBT community for its support. With brands keeping the human-interest value in mind, they seem to be making quite a positive effect on society.

Watch the video here:

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