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Bringing New Year in with a ball

Published : Jan 13, 2019, 12:31 am IST
Updated : Jan 13, 2019, 12:31 am IST

Worldwide dignitaries join hands under one roof to celebrate new years, Russian style, hence ensuring unity.

Selfie with the winner
 Selfie with the winner

With Christmas and New Year, falling on the 7th and 14th January in accordance with the Russian calendar, the embassy of the Russian Federation celebrated the occasion with a masquerade ball on Friday in New Delhi. There was a fancy dress competition along with a vocal and instrumental group from Russia named, ‘Lubo-Milo’, a winner of many home and away awards performed a series of traditional Russian songs and dances and a sword fight.

“This tradition has been introduced by our late Ambassador Alexander Kadakin and become a gem of New Delhi diplomatic corps engagements,” the organizer explained.

The guests came dressed as various characters like, flamenco dancers, Egyptian gods, ice hockey player and others. A woman in a peacock outfit won the best-dressed female.

There was dancing with the performing group on traditional songs and interactions with the various dignitaries, including the Russian Ambassador and the Serbian Ambassador, Nicolay Kudashev and Vladimir Maric respectively.

When asked about the Indo-Russian relations, Mr Kudashev was upbeat about the strategic partnership.

He however believes that there is more “potential politically”. “In the region of larger Eurasia, we feel that Russia, India and China and other countries could build a new community within this vast region.

We feel that there is a larger opportunity for the quartet internationally,”

He further added that India is a growing force when it comes to the economy and it deserves more attention.

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