Twitter reacts to govt's restrictions on condom ads on TV

Twitter was quick to react with many people pointing out the redundancy of such a move.

New Delhi: The Government on Monday imposed restrictions on advertising condoms on television, saying that advertisements would only be allowed to run late at night as they could be inappropriate viewing for children.

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting further said that condom ads would now be allowed only between 10pm and 6am to avoid exposing children to such content and to comply with government rules.

Needless to say Twitter was quick to react with many people pointing out the redundancy of such a move.

Television actor Ssumier Pasricha took to Twitter to voice his disappointment,

Another micro-blogging site user Pitter Bills took to twitter to point out that there is anyways no point in airing such ads during those hours. He wrote,

Another user tweeted that awareness needs to be there, and pointed out that children do need to be aware what condom is. He wrote, "Condom ads are nevr an issue, I think how they r made was really frustrating when u r watching tv with a that doesn’t mean we don’t want our children to be aware of what is condom?This is ignoring the reality that India is still needs AIDS awareness. #condom #condomban."

Social media user Aanchal Jauhari reminded people of the fact that perhaps it is important India knows what condoms are, considering it is hugely overpopulated.

Shafid too shared similar sentiments,

Another user, Darshan posted something more sinister,

Finally, Ashwani Singh too reminded the government to not be "that uncle in the family."

The government said its decision was based on rules stating that no advertisements which “endanger the safety of children or create in them any interest in unhealthy practices” should be allowed. It also cited regulations that prohibit “indecent, vulgar, suggestive, repulsive or offensive themes”.

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