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Right ‘bent’ of mind!

Published : May 12, 2019, 12:48 am IST
Updated : May 12, 2019, 12:48 am IST

Natasha, an alumnus of Stanford University who is armed with an industrial engineering degree from the US, is a serial entrepreneur.

Natasha Jain
 Natasha Jain

Wide-eyed yet enterprising. All for girl power but clearly not pseudo-women-centric. Entrepreneur Natasha Jain’s vision for her venture Bent Chair is as refreshing as her story and vigour for life, in general.

“I've practically grown up on a shop floor, given that my family has been into manufacturing. This in a way inspired me to take up industrial engineering and also create something on my own, which resonated with young adults of today,” begins the 30-year-old alumnus of Stanford University, who is also armed with an industrial engineering degree from Georgina Institute Of Technology, United States.

Adding how her growing up years and background served as an impetus to what she currently does, Natasha adds, “I always knew I wanted to be into product manufacturing. And yes, I always wanted to return home and build something that added value to lives of people.”

Prior to this, Natasha’s venture Ruplee App aimed at revolutionising payments. After creating her mark in the manufacturing sector, Natasha has now forayed into the hospitality sector as well.

The serial entrepreneur loves her journey, but doesn’t really understand the concept of a rat race. “Woman entrepreneurship is basically women pursuing their goals and dreams — being able to create what they want to, without facing the hurdles that most women do. It is about having faith in her dreams and goals.”

That said, she believes that it is important to keep sight of one’s dreams and never lose focus, irrespective of the personal struggles that one faces. “The essence of my venture is to create a global brand, which is backed by very strong design philosophy and highlight the skills of our talented artisans. I think it’s possible to have a designer home that is affordable. I’ve always believed in affordable luxury.”

Taking us through a typical day in her life, she avers, “I work hard, do yoga, get to the office. I’m most often always at work. I occasionally treat myself to a good meal. And, that’s about it.”

Speaking of her inspirations, the serial entrepreneur states, “I am inspired by the very fact that people today are driven. Most young people are chasing their dreams and are not settling for less.”

“But, what saddens me is that a lot of us have become aloof and distant from the basic things that matter — keeping in touch with family and friends, connecting with nature. Life is very work-oriented and I think most of us lack balance,” she adds.

The girl who grinds by the day, and loves netflixing by the weekend lets us in on her other passions. “My passion is to build something. That aside, I love trying new cuisines and exploring different food.”

Keeping her fingers crossed for what lies ahead, Natasha concludes by saying, “ There's a lot happening, and it’s going to be a pretty hectic year and I am excited, to say the least. But, the goal, irrespective of what I start remains to create as many jobs and career opportunities for millions of talented youngsters around me.”

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