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Mother: A golden gift to humanity

Published : May 12, 2017, 1:59 am IST
Updated : May 12, 2017, 1:59 am IST

Just celebrating Mother’s Day should not encompass all the thanks a mother should receive for everything she does.

Role of a mother is that she has the best intentions for her family and children and always has the best for them on her mind.
 Role of a mother is that she has the best intentions for her family and children and always has the best for them on her mind.

In our life, the mother is the person that nurtures, unconditionally loves, and cares for her child. There is a bond created between mother and child that is something special and cannot be found between any other two people. Mothers are those who work nonstop for her family without expecting a favour in return. What she does is out of pure love for her children and family. Role of a mother is that she has the best intentions for her family and children and always has the best for them on her mind. A mother is the most dependable person a child can have and someone who a child should never be scared of getting help from. A mother is always on a child’s side even when it may not seem like it, and even when a mother is harsh, it is because she is teaching her child something or allowing him or her to grow as a person.

“My mother is the most important person in the world. I have never in my life seen a person as hardworking as her, while also being so caring. Since my mother’s a doctor, I had numerous babysitters growing up, but that didn’t stop her from making concerted efforts to come home early to spend time with me, ensure I was fed, clothed, and happy. She’s someone I can talk to at any time of the day about absolutely anything. There is no one on the planet I respect and love more than my mother. She’s someone that always has my best interests in mind, and always pushes me to be the best I can be. I think Mother’s Day is significant because it gives moms a day to themselves to be appreciated because from interacting with my friends and just seeing the media, mom’s are often taken for granted. I feel it’s important that they are appreciated for all that they do, and honestly, I think a day isn’t sufficient for them. Mother’s Day gives us all a chance to take a step back, and really reflect the importance of mother’s in our lives,” said, Shamilka, a sophomore at Washington University in St. Louis.

Where does one even begin to describe a mother? There is no number of words that can truly encompass how amazing a mother can be. A mother is there for every single child through the thicks and thins the highs and lows, and the successes and the failures. A mother oversees her children’s growth as an individual and helps them whenever they fall. A mother is someone who will always love her kids no matter who they are. A mother is a teacher but she is also a student as there are always new things to learn about being a mother. Their service often goes unnoticed or unrecognised, so it is very important to have a day in which we place a spotlight on it. Mother’s Day is also a day to recognise all mothers, not just our own. Parenting plays the most important role in how each successive generation turns out, and between the parents, mothers have traditionally played the primary role in raising children. Their unconditional admiration and support goes unfortunately underappreciated for a good portion of the year. Hence, that effort should be recognised and given importance.

“My mother is the best in the world because she not only managed to singlehandedly support herself and the rest of our family, but also she managed to be a loving mother while doing so. My mom would read stories to me at night when I was a kid and attended every single one of my sporting events that she could. She supported me in all of my wholesome interests and pushed me academically, my mom cared for me like no one else could ever” expressed one my students Tej.

Just celebrating Mother’s Day should not encompass all the thanks a mother should receive for everything she does. However, it is one day where people can express their love and gratuity towards their mother and a day where mothers can be cherished for everything they do. Honestly, everyday mothers should be thanked for what they do, but that does not actually occur in real life. So by having a day just for mothers, it allows people to take a step back and really appreciate everything their mother does for them. In this day, these people are able to show how grateful they are for their mother and how much they love her.

I know it is pretty cliché to say that every day should be Mother’s Day instead of just dedicating a single day to mothers. However, while mothers should always be respected throughout the year, having a day to formally recognise and appreciate all that our mothers do for us is absolutely invaluable. Even though I obviously do not know what it is like to be mother, I can see that being one is not an easy task. It takes years of hard work and it is important for us to acknowledge the effort mothers put in to raise their children. Whether it is making them a hand-made card, to taking them to a luxurious restaurant, giving back to mother on Mother’s Day is just a small token of appreciation for all they do but it is quite meaningful for them. Mother’s Day celebrates mothers and mother-like figures in our lives. Often times, we as humans take the individuals — and their actions — in our lives for granted, specially mothers. We never notice the number of times our mothers hang our jackets or have the food ready by the time we enter through the kitchen door. These small acts of kindness accumulate, crafting selfless individuals we call mothers. In order for us to notice and comprehend these actions, it is imperative to have Mother’s Day. While one day may not compare to the full-time job of mothers, it is a step towards understanding and further appreciating the role of mothers in our lives.

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