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Eat healthy to keep PCOS at bay

Published : Oct 11, 2018, 12:41 am IST
Updated : Oct 11, 2018, 12:41 am IST

The symptoms of the condition are hair loss, acne, facial hair, weight gain and infertility at times.

Dr Pooja Babu
 Dr Pooja Babu

There is a significant rise in the number of PCOS cases among women and young girls today, mainly due to a change in lifestyle, unhealthy food habits and stress which cause a fluctuation in the delicate hormonal balance of the woman's body. Dr Pooja Babu, expert at Momspresso and a trained reflexologist and yoga instructor, talks about the measures to fight the problem.

Dr Pooja, who herself recovered from PCOS with the help of a balanced diet and yoga, says that although one of its major causes is hereditary, there are several other factors responsible for this condition. “Weight gain, stress, thyroid and other endocrine diseases are triggering causes of PCOS. Preservatives  in food items and hormones injected into cattle and poultry make consumption of such foods hazardous. These ultimately


cause a disturbance in the hormonal balance of women’s body. This is the main reason for the rise in PCOS cases among adolescent girls today.”

Dr Pooja confidentally states that PCOS can be prevented by adhering to a healthy way of life— by eating healthy and leading a balanced, non-stressful life. “It is also important to control weight.” She cautions, “But if PCOS is caused by endocrine diseases, then one should take care to keep it under control by diet, exercise and medications.”

The symptoms of the condition are hair loss, acne, facial hair, weight gain and infertility at times. So consult a gynaecologist as they would be the best to prescribe allopathy medicines according to the patient and her requirements.


For women and girls with a history of PCOS in their family, the key is to avoid putting on kilos with the help of diets and workouts. Dr Pooja explains the importance of regulating weight gain: “Weight gain and PCOS work in a delicate balance because as one loses weight, the insulin resistance of the body also decreases, hence improving the condition and symptoms for the same. Similarly, if one gains weight then controlling and maintaining PCOS can be a challenge,” she says.

Stress aggravates the condition “Stress is a triggering cause for PCOS in women due to the hectic lifestyles they lead today,” Dr Pooja states. She also suggests making exercise and meditation a part of our daily routine as they keep one’s weight and hormonal balance in check. The remedies also depend upon the cause of PCOS and the age of the patient.


Cosmetic problems like facial hair can be treated by laser treatment. PCOS can be controlled by yoga and breathing practices, too. “A lot of women also opt for homoeopathy and acupuncture treatment, but for women who are eager to plan a family soon allopathy and hormonal treatments are the best options,” she winds up.

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