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Accent is on standalones

Published : Apr 11, 2017, 6:36 am IST
Updated : Apr 11, 2017, 6:36 am IST

Spruce up your home interiors with these five accessories that can lift up your personal space.

A large framed mirror can be hung like a painting, making it a centrepiece in a room.
 A large framed mirror can be hung like a painting, making it a centrepiece in a room.

Make a statement with your home décor! It is one place on Earth that no one can dictate and tell you how it should look. Every home has an area designed to draw attention, voluntarily or not — be it an impressive painting, a piece of furniture, or a simple accent wall. Controlling that area and the impact it can have on the entire room is up to you, from colour to texture, material, lighting and accessories.

Here are the top five accent pieces you should have to complete the look of your home.

Accent Chair
Spice up your home decor by adding some stylish chairs. From a variety of lounge, accent, study and dining chairs, choose the desired chair for a chic and minimalistic look. Accent chairs provide not just extra seating, but are a great way to add a new silhouette, style reference, or colour to any room.  Experiment with different colours, prints and fabrics and pick the chair that matches your décor. A wingback chair or an accent chair, works well on its own or in pairs. You can use them to fill a corner. If you are using them in pairs, try coupling them opposite a coffee table, or on either end of a dining table.  It adds the perfect texture to a room that doesn’t have much variety.

Wall Art
Use your wall space appropriately. Wall art is the perfect and most crucial element to bring any room together and complete your look. It is a great way to add some flair to your room and really put your own personal touch to it. And prints too. You should also consider pieces like sculptures or shadow boxes that can add some depth to the room. If your style is more avant-garde, you could also consider doing a small mixed media installation that includes screens and digital art.

Accent Lighting
Direct attention on the things you want people to notice in your home. Place a light below or behind an accent wall, a striking piece of art or another object, which gives it added presence and a glamorous halo effect.

Wall Art
Nothing feels quite as good as a soft rug beneath your feet. They offer a layer of warmth and comfort that is unmatched by any other floor covering. Available in infinite patterns, colours and styles, rugs have been used to accessorise homes for thousands of years. Cushions are not a “do-it-or-die” fashion factor in your living room, but having the right cushions can make a difference. It softens a crisp modern sofa or dresses up a relaxed family lounger and is the easiest and cheapest way to redecorate your home. They have an added advantage of being easy to remove and bring life to your dull room.

Mirrors can serve many purposes, from helping us fix our appearance to delighting a young child who catches a glimpse of his reflection. A mirror placed across from a window will bring more natural light into your home, making it appear more spacious. Small mirrors placed in dark or small corners can draw light to the area and brighten it up. A large framed mirror can be hung like a painting, making it a centrepiece in a room.

The writer is the  design head (interiors), Urban Ladder.

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