Mum kills newborn girl by shoving rock down her throat

Teenage woman allegedly suffocated newborn daughter when she was just a few hours old.

In another shocking incident of mum brutality, a teenage mother has been accused of suffocating her newborn baby by shoving a rock down her throat hours after secretly giving birth.

The girl in question, Alaya Dotson, 16, was arrested two days after little Amekah Dotson was pronounced dead at a children's hospital when she was just a few hours old.

Accoring to the Denver Coroner’s Office, the newborn was suffocated on September 8.

It turns out Dotson's mum had called 911 after finding her daughter lying in the back garden and the baby wrapped in a bloody blanket. The child was rushed to the hospital where medics removed a one inch rock from her report, according to Denver Post.

Investigators say Dotson had complained to her mum about cramping earlier in the day and was given pills and told to take a bath.

The mum later found Dotson on the patio with a blanket round her so she went inside to make some soup.

When she returned, she said Dotson stood up and she saw “a lot of blood” on her shirt and that when she grabbed the blanket from her daughter, the baby "fell to the ground".

According to a Police statement Alaya said her mom came outside and startled her and the baby fell out of her arms and onto the ground. When Alaya’s mom went back inside the house, she decided to pick up a rock that was on the ground and put it inside the baby’s mouth.

"Alaya then said she pushed the rock down the baby’s throat with her thumb," the police said.

Dotson has been charged as an adult and remains in custody. She will appear in court on January 12.

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