Cosplay combat

Nine finalists from various cities will lock horns.

If you really want to see Superman and Batman have a go at each other or see the Night King take on Jon Snow, you are in for a treat! The cosplay aficionados have a wonderful opportunity to see some of the best cosplayers of the country battle it out in the city at the upcoming “Alto Indian Championship of Cosplay” organised by Comic Con India (CCI).

Jatin Varma, founder, CCI, shares that the contest is an initiative to promote cosplay and encourage local cosplayers to go professional and provide them with an international platform. Nine finalists from various cities will lock horns to win a chance to represent the country at the Annual Crown Championships of Cosplay at Chicago Comics & Entertainment Expo.

One of the finalists, Sana Khan says, “I have started to believe in my work. But for now, I am rooting for others more than myself because I want to keep on learning. Although, if I do progress to the next stage, I will give my all because I strive for perfection, and challenges are fun to take on.”

To be held on Sunday, the lovers of this pop culture have another reason to smile about. The entry to the event is absolutely free. One has to just fill in a registration form to get an invite to the event.

The event will also feature a Fan Cosplay Contest and prizes will be given to those with outstanding costumes. The event will also aim to set a record for the biggest Joker gathering in India.

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