Study discovers how people are judged based on their face

Here what the research says.

Even though false, people judge others based only by the look of their face, a new study has found

Previous research has shown facial bias has a big affect on major things in our life from how we vote to who we date.

It seems to be human nature, Alexander Todorov, a psychology professor at Princeton University, told Business Insider.

Even though these highly inaccurate impressions can have negative consequences, understanding them to beat them is important, Todorov explained.

For his research, Todorov’s "lab modelled perceived traits by having US college students evaluate computer-generated faces," the Independent reported. Only white faces were used in the study to avoid the issue of race.

Here some of finding's highlights:

Attractive face

Rated higher in positive traits, perceived to me more competent, trustworthy and smart.

Baby face

Those with large eyes and round face were perceived to be physically weak, naive, kind and warm.

Angry face

Not likeable or trustworthy and more threatening and hostile.

Typical face

Viewed as more trustworthy and this bias is a contributing factor to racism and xenophobia. People also have a positive reaction to faces that look like their own.

While the face can give insight into behaviour, people imagine false facts based on someone's look, Todorov explained. He urges people gather more information before judging someone rather than reinforcing stereotypes.

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