Rock a doodle

Doodler Anju B.K. says the lesser-known art needs more recognition in the country.

When Anju B.K, an artist and student, started doodling, some ‘warned’ her that she was wasting her time ‘scribbling’. But for her, it was an expression of her mind. The word ‘doodle’ is defined as ‘scribbling or drawing something absent-mindedly’.

However, not one doodler would agree with this! Even Anju, who started her journey as an artist, got inspired by famous doodlers and consciously turned her route towards the art. Soon, she found out how good she was in it.

Anju now doodles on postcards and sends those to people. “I find doodling the best way to convey an idea. You can doodle anywhere; there’s no need of canvas or paints,” says Anju, a B.Ed student.

Anju observes that doodling, in our part of the world, is still not appreciated as a serious form of art. “There are great doodlers around, but nobody accepts a doodler as an artist. It’s high time the attitude changed because doodling is a big art on international arena. Doodlers get recognition and acceptance in Western countries, but here not many are aware of it,” she says, adding she is hopeful that the attitude would change soon.


Anju buys postcards and sends doodles to friends or those who ask for her works. There is no big financial gain from this, but Anju wants to continue the doodling. One of her works has featured on the cover of a poetry collection by her friend.

Apart from doodling, Anju also does crafting, creates bookmarks and home décor items. The artist in her, she hopes, would inspire more people to take up doodling.

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