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Slay it with class!!

Published : Apr 7, 2019, 1:46 am IST
Updated : Apr 7, 2019, 1:46 am IST

If you’re petrified about your first day at a new firm, then worry not! Here are a few tips for you to vanquish your day-one-nightmares.

A picture of Jennifer Lopez from Second Act, used for representational purposes only
 A picture of Jennifer Lopez from Second Act, used for representational purposes only

Well, ‘tis the season of employment and young adults are all set to step into their responsible shoes with their new attires and fancy stationeries. First day at your new job can go right or wrong, based on the first impression you make. Calm yourself down, dry up your sweaty palms and watch out for the following tips that will help you ace your first day at work.

Experts believe that having adequate knowledge about the company and the job you’re hired for and an open mind to expand your ambit of knowledge is essential.

Saugata Chatterjee, group CEO of Inocorp Marketing Pvt Ltd explains, “I remember my first day at work, I started as a sales person with Nestle, I wanted to live my dream of looking like an executive so I suited up and took my dad’s classy briefcase and left to work.

My manager gazed at me and said ‘take off the tie, drop your suitcase and go be a salesman and later think of becoming a manager’, I took it humourously. However, I believe the will to learn and having an open mind to new knowledge ultimately showing passion in the job is the key. In fact, when I see this attitude in youngsters I feel motivated to guide them.”

It is indeed important to get to work on time and be prepared for the day and the tasks ahead. To be fair we all know how difficult it is to come up new creative reasons every time we are late to work. This way you might just get that promotion you’re eyeing for.

Harsha Reddy, operations analyst at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise said, “On my first day at work we had a talent show while everyone showed off their dancing skills, I wanted to woo the crowd with my machismo. I challenged to do planks but I lost against a girl. The reason was because I was late and I ran a lot (atleast that’s what I told myself). I learned that we must be ready and reach 30 minutes prior. Of course, researching about the company is essential.”

Human Resource specialists opines that a cheerful and enigmatic attitude is definitely required. Whining about the job or you problems at your workplace is a downer. I would love to work among a fun group this helps boost your productivity.

Kumar Keshaw, a HR specialist said, “Diving from college to corporate is always challenging for a fresher. The rule bends a lot. A friendly approach towards the team always gives a positive vibe and portrays that the team has strengthened. As it always goes, first impression last longer. A highly energetic and approachable new member in a team is sure to impress your seniors and colleagues.”

Harpreet Singh, COO of Radiowalla Pvt Ltd said, “For most freshers, the first day at work is perhaps the most exciting day of their lives. After all they had been waiting for this day for a really long time. But what would your company expect from you on the first day? As someone who has seen many freshers join my team over the last several years, I think no company expects you to start delivering on day one. However, they would definitely like you to appear as someone who’s ready to learn. You need to ask a lot of questions, take a keen interest in the business and come across as someone who is willing to listen and learn. Day one in an organisation is all about learning.”

We now live in a rebellious society, with Gen-X breaking barriers and stereotypes in all walks of life. From loving their body art to wearing whatever they want to work, they have embraced their life the way it is. But, this seems to be acceptable only in a fantasy land. The scenario in the real world is a tad bit different.  Chengappa, 27, a senior supervisor, in a leading bank said, “I have tattoos and I prefer to cover them when I’m at work. I haven’t really got any remarks about my tattoos around work, but I feel the seniors might not find it pleasing. When it comes to attire, business casuals is the one to look for, this way you can stay comfortable and look classy for work”.

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