95-year-old grandfather comes out of the closet

He told his wife and children on his 95th birthday

Many people find it really difficult to talk about their sexual orientation and it becomes really difficult for many to talk about it to others. Recently, an old man came out of the closet and spoke about how he lived with it all these years.

According to a report in the Unilad, 95-year-old grandfather Roman revealed in an interview that he was gay. The grandfather surprisingly said knew about it since he was five but couldn’t do it earlier but decided it was time on his 95th birthday. Roman told his family of two children, five grandchildren and one great-grandchild along with his wife about how he felt and that he was born with it but could never say it.

The nonagenarian said it was really tough and was hoping to find somebody but he didn’t really have a type and he looks at the heart. He didn’t want any physical or mental connection but just somebody who could have close to him when he goes to sleep, importantly.

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