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Heels: Reinvented

Published : Feb 7, 2020, 11:14 pm IST
Updated : Feb 7, 2020, 11:14 pm IST

An American footwear designer has brought relief to high-heel lovers with her footwear comprising built-in sole technology.

Jazmine Kionna
 Jazmine Kionna

Wearing high-heeled shoes may elevate your look (and your height), but it is by no means a walk in the park. Heels have hardly been anyone’s best friend at the end of the night, with aching arches and stinging soles making a regular appearance, but not anymore. A designer named Jazmine K Davis, who is also the owner of shoe brand Jazmine Kionna in North America, has invented luxury high heel shoes that provide pain-free wear for longer hours.

With their built-in sole technology, Jazmine’s shoes are touted to be more ethical and relevant while being comfortable for longer hours than other similar brands that look good but feel like hell. The insoles have been designed to take the impact of each step by conforming to the pressure point of the foot. “I created Jazmine Kionna to provide an alternative shoe option that is both affordable and comfortable,” said the designer in a statement.


Model and actress Jesse Randhawa opines that this is going to benefit the fashion world. “This is a good invention for models because we have to stand for hours backstage wearing heels,” she says, adding that it will benefit models if these kinds of heels are brought into the business.

Stylist Aastha Sharma adds that the line can be good for everyone. “I would definitely want to see and use it. It’s a blessing for all who want to wear heels every day. It is good for fashion runways and red carpets as well,” she agrees.

However, she demands that the footwear should look stylish as well. “If they make it in stylish colours and various designs then it would do good. It should be a combination of both comfort and style,” she opines.


Since it is known fact that high heels disrupt the natural curvature of the spine by shifting the weight forward, leading to increased stress on the lower back, medical experts are wary of Jazmine’s line as well. “I don’t think there can be such footwear or any heel you wear that can protect your back. Any heel can’t change your spinal curve, and it will be affected by any footwear which tilt in the balance,” explains spine surgeon Dr Nikhil Arbatti from Nanavati hospital, Mumbai.

The doctor further elucidates that 80-90 percent of people should experience the benefit of that footwear followed by a clinical trial. “If it is clinically approved then it’s fine. She (designer) must have experimented with a few people but this can’t be for everyone,” the doctor asserts in conclusion.


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