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Spinning a new tale!

Published : Dec 5, 2016, 12:24 am IST
Updated : Dec 5, 2016, 12:26 am IST

If you miss your favourite show and want the next best thing, these spin-offs will surely keep you entertained.

Daria, Television series
 Daria, Television series

It’s a hard task to take up an iconic show and continue the story of other characters, all the while staying true to the origins. Over the years, only few spin-offs have been able to succeed in achieving as much, if not more, success than the original series. Here is a list of the few that stand out and need to be your next watch.

The dim-witted yet popular series Beavis and Butt-head had several recurring characters but one stood out especially. With her sarcasm and wit, Daria won many hearts and eventually moved out from the series to get a show of her own titled Daria. Her adventures with her best friend Jane Lane, in a school filled with unique characters and a family of misfits, became one of the most popular shows of its time. Although it ended in 2001, memes and quotes from the show are still doing its rounds and remain relevant and hilarious.

Fear the Walking DeadFear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead:
The hit show, The Walking Dead, still keeps us hooked with its gripping storytelling and a heavy dose of gore. Fear The Walking Dead decided to take us back to when the undead epidemic began and how it started. Starring Frank Dillane, Alycia Debnam Carey, Kim Dickens and Cliff Curtis in the lead, the show follows a family who are one of the first few to discover signs of zombies. The series is a fitting prequel to the original show with great performances from the star cast.


A new kid on the block, Class, has huge potential to become one of the most successful spin-offs yet. The titan of all sci-fi shows, Doctor Who, is arguably also one of the most followed over time. With this spin-off, that released this year, the makers are attempting a fresh take on the universe. It is set in Coal Hill Academy, that also featured in the 1963 series, and focuses on six of its students and staff members. Dealing with the stresses of school and teenage drama along with time travel, can prove to be quite hard, as the show depicts.  

The SimpsonsThe Simpsons

The Simpsons:
A majority of television viewers don’t know or remember that even The Simpsons was a spin-off series and this proves how great a show it really is! The Simpsons family was first seen on The Tracey Ullman Show, a variety show with varied comic and musical acts in it. They were featured in 30 second clips before and after commercials, but the creator Mark Groening soon realized that they could be much more. And the rest is history. The award-winning animated series remains the longest-running US television series and is still going strong, with as many fans as they began with, if not more.


Dr Frasier Crane started off as a supporting character on the long-running series, Cheers, but managed to get his own fans. In 1993, Frasier became a series that highlighted the psychiatrist’s highbrow wit and upper class eccentricities. His equation with his brother and father, and the women in his life became cause for much laughter for many years. It quickly became extremely popular and was responsible for introducing a different kind of comedy to television — something that hadn’t been tried before. Watching the series and Dr Frasier’s adventures will surely leave you in splits.

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