Taiwan charity service helps disabled people masturbate

Hand Angels helps give their clients they may have never been able to have before through their volunteers

Disabled people have a lot of trouble having a healthy sex life and it may some times get difficult for them to fulfill their sexual needs. A charity in Taiwan offers a different kind of service that would keep disabled people happy .They simply help them masturbate and have a good time which they may not be able to have otherwise.

According to a report in The Sun, the volunteer-led charity called Hand Angels in Taiwan helps disabled clients masturbate and reach an orgasm – something they haven’t reached in a while. The charity is founded by wheelchair-bound Vincent who became disabled because of post-polio syndrome.

The charity has two volunteers, male and female, Daan and Anan, who help their clients masturbate. The service provided by the charity lasts for 90 minutes and already has six clients till now.

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