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Young author wants to be an orator too

Published : Apr 4, 2019, 12:20 am IST
Updated : Apr 4, 2019, 12:20 am IST

At a tender age, Sahana has many achievements, like winning the international gold medal in English Olympiad.

Sahana Suman
 Sahana Suman

This nine-year-old Chennai girl converts her imagination into words. She wrote her first book of fiction ‘The Amazing Candy Land’, which was launched on Republic Day. Sahana Suman started her first book when she was only eight years old.

At a tender age, Sahana has many achievements, like winning the international gold medal in English Olympiad in her 3rd grade. Her talents and hobbies range from arts, horse riding, ballet, gymnastics, singing and writing. She brims with life and energy in a quest for excellence in everything she does. She is a honorary medal winner in the Asia-Pacific Dance Competition held in Malaysia, having learnt ballet for the last seven years.

An energetic Sahana is aspiring to become a public speaker, apart from pursuing other fields of interest. The girl also brought up the excellent idea of donating a part of the proceeds from the sales of her books for a noble cause.

The book, now available on Amazon and Flipkart, covers stories for children, captivating their minds and carrying them into a world of magic and adventure.  The story of beautiful princess ‘Crystal’ who turns greedy for power and her journey in a tale of adventure, magic and solving puzzles finally ends in love and happiness for other characters Melinda and Michael.


“Our family friend and author Rakhi Kapoor inspired me to start writing. I was excited realising that though I am young I could still write. I loved the idea of penning down my imagination for the world to read and enjoy. Starting with small chapters and later

I developed them into more interesting, imaginative, exciting and adventurous and loving.

I thought of and created the illustrations to my book as well,” shares little Sahana while talking about the book.  

“Life is beautiful and exciting.  Life is also challenging because there are not only ups but also downs, which are certain to arrive any moment.

Each person has to handle their own challenges,” according to her. “Life is limited but at the same time it is an endless journey to go deep. There is a lot to achieve in life and we need to be noticed by doing the right things throughout. My next book, ‘What is Life?’ will help people to understand and live life well.”

She has grown up with her favourites like Hellen Keller’s ‘The Story of My Life’. “I look up to Enid Blyton as an author. Also J.K. Rowling is the author whose books inspire my imagination,” she says while speaking on her favourite authors.

Young Sahana suggests children of her age must avoid gadgets.

Children should focus on reading books to learn about the world.

Anybody can write if they have an interest and are prepared to be dedicated about writing.

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