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Keeping an eye out for 2020

Published : Jan 4, 2020, 7:01 am IST
Updated : Jan 4, 2020, 7:01 am IST

2020 will be the year of colour, and liners are a fun way to play and twist with a classic.

Lupita Nyong'o
 Lupita Nyong'o

2019 was the year where the trends were all about the skin. Be it emphasizing on the no-makeup look to the candlelit-from-within highlighting and the slow declining of contouring, the year was marked by enhancement and appreciating natural complexion and look. However, it is believed that the 2020 makeup trends will look out for bringing back the days when it was all about eyes and bold lips, and more pastel colours.

Colourful Eye shadow
2020 will be the year of colour, and liners are a fun way to play and twist with a classic. Pooja Malhotra, a customer experience officer at  Kiko Milano points out that In 2019, there was a demand for coloured eyeliners and shimmered eye shadows. For the year 2020, she predicts that eye makeup is going to go a notch higher. She adds, “We can see the arrival of pastel colour eyeliners and eye shadows. The idea is to add a subtle colour to the eyes without going extra. It’s also very ornamental and quickly changes the entire look. Colours like light pink, ice blue, violet, light green are going to get much attention.

Colored Mascara
The black colour seems to take a backseat in terms of mascara in 2020. Shades of pink, green and blue are going to be loved by the makeup lovers this year. “Colors like green and blue gives a subtle look to the eyelashes. It doesn’t pop out like other colours, but will definitely give a different look,” says Kalpana Sharma, a makeup artist at  The Body Shop.  

Love for Toners
Usually, when it comes to Skincare, people skip the toner part, but 2020 is going to see the change in this habit. “Tonner helps to manage the pH level of the skin and at the same time also removes the dead skin cells from the surface, tonner is going to enter the skincare routine for everyone in the year 2020,” explains Kalpana.  

Nude eye with bold lips
Bold lips are not going anywhere. Makeup artist, Parul Dutt, So Chic, believes wearing bold lips on the neutral face is a new way “ A nude eye, curled lashes, clean-swept brows, and a bold lip is a great way to bring the runway to real life.”

Breathable Skin
For rejuvenating beauty look, it is important to let your skin breath. Letting your skin be your standout feature can be a new trend for 2020.

“For a youthful and healthy skin, you can dab some blush onto the apples of the cheeks with your fingertips. Meanwhile, create tiny hair strokes using almost no pressure using a brow pen, and finish off the no-fuss look with your favourite mascara and a clear brow gel,” Parul advises.  mascara and a clear brow gel," shares Parul. 

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