Here's how you can almost become Superman

Scientists have created contact lenses that let you shoot lasers from your eyes.

Scientists have created contact lenses which allow the wearer to shoot lasers from their eyes like Superman.

The ultra-thin membranes are placed on the iris and produce a green beam which can shine up to 20ins from the eye.

Scientists said the beam of light could be used to help in a medical setting or to check for counterfeit banknotes.

Prof Malte Gather, of a research team at St Andrews University in Fife, said, “The intensity of the laser is so low you can put it in the eye without damaging it. It is a new milestone in laser development.”

The researchers performed demonstrations using a cow eye, where the lens emitted a green laser beam when excited with a pulsing blue light.

They were also able to stick these ultra-thin, laser-emitting membranes on to banknotes and found that they still worked after several months.

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