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Let Mother Earth Win

Published : Mar 2, 2019, 3:45 am IST
Updated : Mar 2, 2019, 3:45 am IST

Gifting a terracotta pot often serves as a decor item for your living space.

Harpreet Ahluwalia
 Harpreet Ahluwalia

Saving our planet from plastic pollution has become one of the major goals in the past few years. Several influential posts and videos have made us believe that we are heading towards lesser usage of plastic products and trying to go green. But, while people keep on saying all these things, they often use plastic pots whenever they are organising a flower show.

It is high time things change for there are beautiful designs on terracotta that can simply transform the whole idea of a flower pot. It is no longer the traditional way. Terracotta or baked clay has been the traditional form used to decorate home.


A tomato shaped potA tomato shaped pot

A terracotta doll is quite a common scene in any Indian household. But, what’s not common about using this form of clay, is using them for the purpose of plantation.

However, recently the trend for terracotta in creating some unique pots and vases in flower shows and creating gift items are the very in thing.

Harpreet Ahluwalia, an entrepreneur who believes in countering the increased use of plastic pots, initiated a meaningful socio-economic venture named Earthly creation.

Talking about how the market has been for this terracotta pottery line in Delhi, Harpreet says, “At present, the market in Delhi is good enough and both household and corporates are receptive to the eco-friendly terracotta pots.


With time, their environmental consciousness is likely to grow and they will definitely move from plastic pots to terracotta pots which are biodegradable and breathing pots. Therefore, Delhi has a huge potential as a market and is growing every day.”

She adds about how people are perceiving the concept, “The response is positive. People are understanding the importance of replacing plastic with something that is recyclable or bio-degradable.

Playful terracotta dolsPlayful terracotta dols

The terracotta pots in shape of birds and animals are attracting the attention of the people to beautify their inner and outer living space. People are opting for this concept not just for their homes but also considering it as a gifting option that will be appreciated by the recipient and benefit nature.”


The organisation has successfully aided these potters to innovate better, faster, while guaranteeing them a secured employment year after year. Along with all these, this eco-friendly venture is directly addressing the aspects of education, growth and curbing the social malice of female infanticide amongst the deprived ones. And sharing her experience of creating something that is unique in every true sense, the entrepreneur shares, “Terracotta pots are hand-made on the wheels by the potters and later is glazed and then fired. This is being aesthetically unique and durable, thus providing a meaningful, sustainable and scalable employment for the potter and his family as well. These are bio-degradable that will not harm the environment. Other plants are made of plastics or resins which are chemicals. Over the time, the molecules of these materials gradually start mixing with the soil which later impacts the plants adversely.”


She also shares about the range of products that Earthly creation offers.“Our range of terracotta products comprises of pots and sculptures that are made in various colorful and beautiful shapes of animals and birds, water bodies, hangings, and danglers.” It has a wide selection of home decor and garden decor with an assortment of ideas to personalize ones’ garden or lawn.

A pot with frogs can be a good decorA pot with frogs can be a good decor

Each pot and planters are ideated by Harpreet Ahluwalia, who also supervises the entire process and personally takes care of the colour, design, and texture and mud quality for the same.

The pricing of the pots is also budget friendly, such that the process of adopting and preserving nature is made easier and acceptable by all.


 “Gifting someone a terracotta pot serves as a décor item for your living space.

It is something that one can cherish for a long time without causing any adverse impact on our environment or our health,” she concludes.

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