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Valley of bliss

Published : Dec 1, 2018, 12:09 am IST
Updated : Dec 1, 2018, 12:09 am IST

Rockfort at Illikkal Kallu is touted to be country’s first health park.

A brainchild of ayurveda practitioner Dr Anish Kurias, Rockfort, is situated at the misty valley of Illikkal Kallu. (Photo: Vinod Karimatt)
 A brainchild of ayurveda practitioner Dr Anish Kurias, Rockfort, is situated at the misty valley of Illikkal Kallu. (Photo: Vinod Karimatt)

Everyone loves a vacation – a place to lie down, watch the skies, soak in the sun, go fishing, eat, read, explore and feel rejuvenated by the end of the day. What if a vacation is based on cleansing not just the mind, but the body, too. Built on the concept ‘healthacation’, Rockfort at Illikkal Kallu in Kottayam is touted to be the country’s first health park.


A brainchild of ayurveda practitioner Dr Anish Kurias, Rockfort, situated at the misty valley of Illikkal Kallu, is the perfect getaway for people who are looking for emotional detoxification. The lush green landscape, climate, sights and sounds of the park sweep the visitors off their feet. The four-acre sun-kissed land is also home to rare breed cattle, black hens, fish varieties, honeybees, fruit-bearing trees and a wide range of flora and fauna.

“This is where fun, entertainment and health blend through various activities. Our aim is to promote happy living. We lead an eco-friendly lifestyle and through various fun programmes, offer the visitors a wonderful experience of living close to nature,” explains Dr Akhil Nainan.


The activities include organic farming, fishing opportunity, laughter therapy, swimming session, a small library with a cozy reading space, bamboo huts, tents for night stay, barbecue night, a viewpoint gallery meant for photo sessions, a lighthouse and a beautiful amphitheatre where special games are played.

Visitors of any age group are welcome. Family get-togethers, school excursions, office trips, tours from old-age homes and yoga groups arrive at the park regularly to get the best of the ambience and the experience.

“A series of brain games, workout sessions and group activities help the group bond well. We also give them tips about healthy way to eat, sleep, cook and even drink water – most of which people are not aware of and normally do it wrong. We offer healthy diet to the visitors and do not offer alcohol. It’s our policy to promote a healthy living. Another idea we promote is earthing – where people walk barefoot on the soil and grass, improving the relationship with earth, resulting in immense health benefits. We ensure that each visitor gets a complete sensory experience of nature,” says Dr Akhil.

The trip covers not just the wonders of the park, but of the premises, too. As part of healthacation, the visitors would be taken to trekking to Illikkal Kallu Viewpoint, Kattikkayam Waterfalls and Ilaveezhapponchira Valley, based on the age and preference of the visitors. The steep ascent to Illikkal Kallu and the descent to the Kattikkayam Falls through the wild path is more than just a physical activity – the view, the elated sense of pleasure and the experience of enjoying the treasures of nature are unparalleled. Illikkal Kallu is believed to be housing the medicinal herb Neela Koduveli, which is known to have supernatural powers. A sip of the mineral-rich water in the springs refreshes the body, mind and soul.

At the end of day, tourists can spend the chilly night either in the bamboo huts or tents or sleeping bags. Next morning, wake up as a new person, reliving the magical treasure trove called nature.

A hardly two-hour drive from Kochi and Kottayam towns, the picturesque Rockfort is the best destination for a one-day trip. Break away from the mundane and escape into the paradise of greenery. Find bliss in the Promised Land.

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