Women fake more orgasms in relationships before marriage

The number of times they fake it is as high as 31 percent before they tie the knot

Women fake orgasms quite often with their partners and most of the times it is to keep them happy. A new research has show that the frequency with which women fake an orgasm is related to the status of their relationship with their partners.

Women may have great sex with their partners, both random and long-term but many times they are left wanting for an orgasm to actually enjoy sex and that is seldom achieved. According to a recent report in the Metro, researchers found that women fake an orgasm more when being a relationship than in a one-night stand. Almost 29 percent women fake it in a new relationship while 20 percent are with people who they have just met and a 31 percent high among women in long term relationships.

Interestingly, only 20 percent women faked an orgasm after marriage. Most women fake orgasms because they don’t want to hurt the ego of their partners. However, giving a fake compliment would mean that women are settling for unsatisfied sex by keeping their partners happy.

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