Here are 5 sexual health tips every woman needs to know

There are many signs and symptoms related to periods, menopause or sex that many women are just not aware of.

When it comes to matters of periods, menopause or sex and all matters related to the reproductive region, most have questions that they are too embarassed to ask. Furthermore, there are many signs and symptoms that they are just not aware of.

Talking to MailOnline, Women's health experts Tania Adib, a consultant gynecologist at The Medical Chambers in London's Kensington and Dr Sarah Brewer, Medical Director of Healthspan shared a few tips.

Semen allergy: Seminal plasma hypersensitivity usually affects women even though men can also be allergic to their own semen. It is caused by antibodies in women's bodies recognizing semen as harmful, and going into an overdrive response.

Symptoms include inflammation, itchy sensation and swelling of the genitals shortly after contact with semen.

Women who suffer from semen allergy should use condoms.

Headache after sex: Drink lots of water as vigorous sex can cause dehydration. The phenomenon, called HAS (headaches associated with sexual activity) is a rare condition – less than three percent of all headaches reported – and it generally affects men more than women.

While no one knows the exact cause, one theory is, the exertion of sex leads to the blood vessels dilating. The headaches can last a minute or two, or up to day.

Blackheads even on vagina: The vagina is skin, just like anywhere else. And as it's usually quite warm and damp down there, you can get blocked pores and lumps and bumps, just like anywhere else.

Pimples or blackheads on the vulva can be caused by shaving, waxing. As blackheads are blocked hair follicles, it's unlikely that you would get them on the inner mucosa of the vagina.

Vaginal dryness at any stage of life: Vaginal dryness is another very common side-effect of menopause (caused by a lack of the hormone estrogen) – but it can in fact strike at many other times of life.

It can occur after pregnancy and during breastfeeding, during a menstrual period which can make inserting a tampon difficult, when suffering from conditions such as thyroid issues and diabetes and even inflammatory bowel conditions.

Taking the oral contraceptive pill or some types of medications (such as anti-depressants, antihistamines or tamoxifen) can also cause it.

Dryness can present as discomfort, pain, itchiness and discharge as well as general soreness and of course pain during sex – women have come to my surgery describing having sex as feeling like paper cuts or even having a red, hot poker inserted in the vagina.

Menopause doesn't mean end of sex life: Post-menopausal side effects which may prevent women from having enjoyable sex, can be treated to allow them to have a normal and healthy sex life.

If any women are experiencing any pain or discomfort during intercourse or otherwise, they shouldn't hesitate to get in touch with a gynecologist who can help them get back to life as normal.

A moisturizer can be used around every three days and provides immediate comfort and long-lasting relief from dryness and discomfort.

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