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  Life   Health  29 Apr 2018

Life, Health, 29 Apr 2018

Parkinson's disease can be detected from accumulation of fat in brain

The same glycosphingolipids that are increased in the brains of Parkinson's disease patients are also elevated in the brains of aging mice.

29 Apr 2018 6:27 PM

Pesticides may alter hormone production in humans

Endocrine disrupters are natural or synthetic molecules that can alter hormone function.

29 Apr 2018 4:13 PM

Baking soda may help combat rheumatoid arthritis

That anti-inflammatory shift was sustained for at least four hours in humans and three days in rats.

29 Apr 2018 3:48 PM

Aspirin may help counteract impact of obesity on cancer

Obesity is a known risk factor for certain types of cancer, including colon, pancreatic and breast cancer.

29 Apr 2018 3:27 PM

Woman in nursing home eaten alive by scabies

Now, her family is suing the nursing home where she died.

29 Apr 2018 11:09 AM


Global study finds 44 genetic risk factors for major depression

Scientists also found that the genetic basis for depression is shared with other psychiatric disorders.

29 Apr 2018 10:29 AM